Just quilting away here! Starlight… Starbright update and MORE!

Welcome to my blog y’all!  I am so happy to be linking today’s post to Kathy’s Quilts… she is chatting about forest bathing and is doing the cutest little stitchery… check it out HERE!

Well best I can recall from a couple posts ago… I started block #8 of this quilt on September 5 or before… and I am now nearing the end of this block !!!  Take a look 🙂

I am so excited that I am able to focus and quilt so much on this quilt currently!  Just one more move in the frame to see the end of the wheel 🙂   I am recovering from a bout of bronchitis so stitching and reading are the main focuses in my time!

Here is a closer up of the right lower section I am focused on presently…

Funny Fact:  When I started this quilt I loved the straight line quilting… now that I am comfortable with how to make the stars and moon stippling though… that has become my favorite to stitch!!!!  lol

This quilt was not a project I should have taken on earlier in my quilting career either though… It was bought as a top already machine pieced… they did a better job than I could have done and most points match well… but the fabrics (only 3 fabrics used to make this queen sized quilt) are all different densities of weave… so sometimes I can make my thread knot 3 loops… sometimes I need 4 to catch the batting and fabric well though… so I have learned a lot of in depth things about myself and quilting while doing this quilt!!!

Isn’t quilting fun like that though when you have a project that challenges you??!!!

Also, on a facebook group I am in someone asked for how do you store your stash… so I made a collage to share there and thought you may enjoy seeing my Fabric Chest too!

My fabric chest is a cabinet we bought unmade from a big box hardware store .. thinking Lowe’s but could have been Home Depot too!  Anyway it was a closet for a room that was designed as a dining room so no closet was there… when that son who used it moved out he left it .. so I inherited this gem and my honey made shelves of plywood and boards from luan thin wood that I could wrap my stash and still see it all…

The pic above is not my whole stash really… but it is organized and ready to go there… I pull from it frequently and I have boards in projects I am working on too! hahaha!

How do you store your stash of fabric??

Also this month we are just about done with our guest bath renovation… here is a teaser photo I made…

If you are interested in seeing more shots of this cool bathroom redo… just follow THIS link to easily view that post in a separate window 🙂

Our next home reno focus is redoing a very abused bedroom… it was my sweet daughter’s room and now she has been moved out 2 months … so once we saw the repairs it needed we totally have it cleaned out now… and ready to donate and sell all she left behind saying she wasn’t interested in anything left.  She does have a very cool shelf she and my honey built several years back… it is filled with her snowglobe collection… we agreed to keep that for a while until she gets her own place and is more settled.  Currently she is living with friends and finishing her senior year of high school.

The quilt I am working on now for her will NOT be gifted to her until I see her graduate and she knows this… so for now when I finish this quilting adventure… I will sew on the binding and wait to finish and label it until she has met that goal!

I hope I have peaked your interest with this post… and maybe even left you smiling somewhere along the way so I issue this challenge!!!!


Check out Queen Latifah in “Last Holiday” from 2006… currently on Netflix!

Do you have any heart touching and funny too movies you have watched recently??

Hope you have a blessed Sunday and a great week ahead.  Remember also to…


11 thoughts on “Just quilting away here! Starlight… Starbright update and MORE!

  1. CathieJ

    That quilt is still looking great. My fabric is stashed in a similar cabinet, but I think I have to get my hubby to make me a few more shelves. It would make my life easier.


  2. Little Penpen

    My fabric is in plastic totes and I have to dig them out and make a mess each time I am looking for something. But it works for me. I like the way you are holding onto the quilt until your daughter graduates…. smart mom! The funniest movie I recently saw was with Sally Field and it's called \”hello, my name is Doris.\” We rented it from the Red Box. Enjoy your Sunday!


  3. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    your quilting is going so great on that quilt – nice and neat even stitches – I store most of my fabric on the open shelves in my sewing room so I can see what I have and the scraps are being cut little by little and in label shoe box size boxes and put on the shelves also. Good idea to hold on to that quilt for awhile for your daughter – sometimes they just do not take care of them and before you know it your hard work will be spilled on, stains, and in a crumpled up ball in a corner of the room.


  4. Daytona Damsel

    I have had the same experience and learning as you on fabric density and knots. I made a fabric collage for Fall and used some scrap fabric given to me. The white I used was much denser and harder to needle. Where that fabric was I had to change to two turns on the needle knots.



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