Guest Bath REVEAL!!!

I can’t believe our guest bath is renovated and now looks completely delicious!!! Come on in for a visit and look around 🙂

I got 2 hand towels in this motif.. that way one is always ready to receive guests and serve their neeeds!

As we were painting and fixing and finishing the much deserved renovation to this bathroom for updating…  I found these cute hand towels custom embroidered in my color choices by Jeanelle (an eBay seller who also sells on Etsy… here is a LINK to her eBay store where I found her beautifully embroidered hand towels.. she also does bar towels, and kitchen towels, and wash cloths 🙂  
THEN yesterday we went to Hobby Lobby and I got this gorgeous mermaid I had been ogling online!!

 The starfish was part of a grouping of starfish from elsewhere in our home… wouldn’t be missed there and now will be a highlight of the room they have taken over I think… check out the pics and tell me what YOU think!!!!

Above you can see the mermaid and starfish in the reflection of the mirror…

We added a different light to the vanity area… it had gold “beauty lights” from 1980’s that were hideous and gold with round bulbs! lol

My honey designed a board to mount the light to… dress it up and mix it with the space and hide some wires from the previous owners… all electrical in that room is now safe!

This light fixture is one we picked up a couple years ago meant for this renovation!  It has waited a long time but isn’t it pretty there now??!!!  We found it thrift shopping somewhere we think… neither of us can remember exactly though…  it is silver and gold mottled colors of metal with pretty milky white frosted shades and the board they are mounted on is white with routed edges for a bit of fanciness!

And here is the vanity/sink area…

I love the cool white starfish… we found all the starfish in this room from many trips previous before actually moving to the beach… I am happy to see them displayed!  The ring dish is a find from a thrift shop… and there is the second towel of the 2 I got from Jeanelle 🙂

More grey and dark red around the toilet area…

 And check out the window decor too!

The valance I made and enjoyed it… took all of 1 hour to construct… the Relax was found at Hobby Lobby and the starfish also from our collection…

And above is a cute collage I made on a new program on my computer I am trying to learn for photo editing.. thought you may enjoy it!!!
And here is a great quote I found earlier this week when perusing facebook…
I am making steady progress on Starlight… Starbright quilt… I will update that in a new post soon!!!
So for now… until I am ready to show off my quilting efforts I pray you each have a blessed weekend and…

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