Good Monday Morning Catch Up ;)

 ~ I have been soooo busy y’all! ~

As I write this to you… I am enjoying a cup of coffee… why not grab a cup of something yummy and enjoy this post! 🙂

Our Kitchen is Finished!!!

Above is our counter top bar all finished!!  With our “new to us” rolling island 🙂

Below is a shot of our finished kitchen…

I love the bar area and I wanted to share some other close ups too! 🙂

The cabinets in our kitchen have a space for the same formica we used on the bar to go on the cabinets… so my honey took the left overs from the bar and made inserts for ALL the cabinets!!!!

 I just love how it coordinates with the cabinets and softens the overall effect of the kitchen!!

Here is a great shot I took showing the new bar and rolling island…

 My current layout of shots on my refrigerator…

Here is a close up of the curtains I made for the window in my kitchen…

 And a closer up of the tie backs I designed for this kitchen too! …

So the kitchen is now set… a few little things left we want to do… but my honey hasn’t been feeling up to working on them yet.. but he will.. he NEVER leaves a job unfinished 🙂

We Cut The Cord!!!!
 Have you thought about it???

The main thing that has worn him out??

When Connie was here she gifted me and Rick an indoor amplified antennae… she knew we were fed up with the ever increasing cost of having Directv on 2 tv’s with DVR’s…

So her giving us this antennae and us using it to see what we could get… about 30 of the 45 channels available to us after searching youtube about “air tv”.  There is great information on this process there if you are interested….  There are also websites if you google air tv to find what channels you should be getting along with what shows are actually on… if you don’t have a receiver /dvr to translate that info…lol!

So we bought a UHF/VHF antennae to add to her indoor amplified antennae in our attic…

 With THIS… we get ALL the channels most of the time now 🙂

And the best part.. after the initial investment of things we needed… we now have in about 3 DirecTv payments… we have NO MORE PAYMENTS due to have local and fun TV too!

This has been a wonderful switch!!!  We still pay for internet and cell phones… but the TV cord has been officially and happily cut!!!

So have you ever pondered this for you home??  Just curious actually!

Piecing Progress!!!

I finally got all the pieces and parts for my next quilt done!!!

Here they are as I am readying to make my first 2 blocks…

And here are 6 blocks!!!!

I am LOVING this quilt to be for me and my honey 🙂

Here is a drawing I did for a pattern for this… to see how it would look…

Are you piecing anything right now???  I like to never run out of things to hand quilt on .. so I try to piece some so there is a ready supply! lol

Slow Stitching Progress!!!

Starlight… Starbright is moving along.. slow but sure!

I am on the 3rd of 4 parts of Block 7… here is a closer up of what is left to quilt on this section…

 Some of the stippled areas with stars and moons is getting redone as I come to those sections that need it.. for that I am using a blue wash away marker by Clover! …

 My Daughter Has Moved out…
and is starting her Senior Year of high school!!!

 <<< Here is a pic of her with her new roomie Kylie….
It has been a difficult transition for me … but the quote above by unknown is very VERY true for me!

I am now an EMPTY NESTER 🙂

Off to get some more accomplished!  Just glad I got to check in and catch you all up though!

Hope whatever you have planned this week.. you Love one Another while doing it!!


3 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning Catch Up ;)

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    sorry your daughter has moved out – only a senior – is she in a boarding school now? We tried no dish tv, it didn't work out for us. Where we live we have no access to cable tv so it is dish type or nothing. We tried an antenna system but we are so far from where the networks are at (Little Rock or Fort Smith) that they did not reach us because of all the hills and low mountains in the area. We are on one of the smallest packages available as we just do not use it a lot – wish we could cancel but we like to get network news and updates in stormy times and things.


  2. Little Penpen

    I think I could def. live without most tv; there is rarely anything on I care to see, except for the news. But hubby is a different story… he loves his tv. I hate paying for internet AND tv, as I think the service for both is very poor where we are currently living. I think I could live without my cell phone most days, but it is nice to have for peace of mind and safety. Your kitchen looks great. I like how you two trimmed out the cabinets too. The hand quilting looks almost done… you are a speedy quilter for sure. Is your daughter working to support herself as a senior in high school? If so, she is amazing!!! I hope she stays responsible and has a great senior year! I would be crazy if my daughter moved out that young!


  3. Kathy ... aka Nana

    weve talked about cutting the cord, but we assumed we'd lose the only programming we actually watch (the regional Fox Sports channel to watch our Cardinals and Blues games). But maybe I need to check out (googling air tv) what we actually could get if we do cut the cord.Wow, you've raised a very responsible girl if she is able to support herself while going through her senior year of high school. 😉



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