Happy Birthday America… and me too!

Happy Birthday America!!!

And to me too!!!!

Today I turn 50 years young!!!

Here is a birthday cake my best friend Wendy who lives in Australia sent me this morning too!!!

and here is the truth…

Although arthritis may make me start replacing parts with built ones.. currently I am still all original! 🙂 lol

Now I need your attention for a minute or two…

Take a listen to this acapella version of this song… very cool!!!!  Especially if you are wearing headphones/earbuds! lol
CLICK HERE to open the video in a new tab please 😉  I can’t get the link to show up in the published blog post :/

Isn’t that just an amazing rendition of a classic American song!!!  I just love it and uploaded it to my phone so I could listen with headphones… I got some for my birthday!!! lol

Today I am focusing today on 2 projects…

My daughter’s quilt here…

On the top right is a birthday card from my 97 year young Nanny!

She is my only remaining living grandparent and she has many grandchildren and great grands.. but always remembers our birthdays with a card and a few words of wisdom along with well wishes!  I love getting a card from her on my birthday!!!!

Also I am making a machine quilted table cover for my honey to use posing his featherweights on that we sell…

I found 3 yards of white on white fabric for a low price on eBay because it had a mark on it that easily washed out! 🙂  I want it reversible and the same on both sides so decided a nice 2″ cross hatch would work best on the whole cloth quilting…

 I used a long ruler and my faithful blue wash away marker.  First I found the center of one side and marked it.. then I took a second ruler with a 45 degree angle on it and marked right and left from that center edge at 45 degrees.. after a few sessions of marking to give my back a break.. I had it marked and layered and ready to pin …

 Above it is ready for pinning.. I placed pins ever 3 squares all over the quilt… you can see in my pic below how I placed them for a stable whole cloth to quilt…

Fiona is a Morse 600 1950’s sewing machine made by Toyota and she is a great quilter to me!!! 🙂

I also am hoping to get back to piecing an upcoming quilt to hand quilt… Singing the Blues is it’s tentative name… no pics of that on my phone presently though… once I get back to it I will share some 🙂

Meanwhile my honey has been making some changes in our kitchen….

We are beefing up and changing the top to a more usable surface on the bar in the kitchen.. here is the cardboard template laying in place…

and here is the plywood countertop base piece in place!!!!
There is some beefing up that needs to take place and my honey is doing a stellar job.. I will show pics in my next post of his hard work and skill on this project 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the song and have a blessed special day for America… if you are in another country I hope you enjoyed the acoustics in the song!

I will leave you with this photo of one of my calendars I use.. made for me by my sweet daughter in law!!!!  Featuring my grandson CJ, me, Brandi, Kayla, and DL… plus some fireworks too!


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday America… and me too!

  1. Little Penpen

    Happy Birthday Sweet Friend! The song was amazing! We are expecting rain for our July 4th in NC. I'm planning on possibly doing some sewing today! yay! I love the quilt cake; would like to have a slice of it today. :))))


  2. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    Happy Birthday and hope you have a great day! so sweet to get the card from your granny – my mother always remembered all birthdays, she had a list a mile long in her purse and would check them all off every week when she did her grocery shopping picking up cards from the 99 cent rack – I don't think she ever missed one, as people got married their spouses birthday was asked and added to the list and same with if any new young children came into the family from the marriage as is so likely now days.



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