A Busy but FUN Stay-cation :)

Last Sunday Connie drove down from Tennessee for her yearly visit!

I was so excited… and as I relive the highlights… I realize this was a Stay-cation this year for me.. I was her support staff as she got some quilty projects completed 🙂

Connie is my quilting mentor… she is the one that started my obsession!!!!!  
So Sunday we visited and relaxed… and enjoyed a wonderful bacon cheeseburger and tots meal too thanks to my honey’s culinary talent!  It was sooo yummy 🙂  But by Monday morning and a good nights sleep under our belt she was ready to start quilting something… a baby quilt!!!

 And she is making it from stash… hers and a bit of mine too!!! 🙂

Then Tuesday she got a new doo!  Kimber, my hair stylist and friend gave her a GREAT makeover!!!

 Above is Kimber and Connie and below is how cool the back looks after a treatment, cut & style 🙂  Yippee!!!!

 AND we went to a LQS where I picked up a few things…

 Check out this cute ruler above… it is a size I have seen Bonnie Hunter use and I LOVE it!!

Below is a panel my daughter (who was with us) went crazy over … so I bought the panel 🙂

I got Connie a ruler like mine as a surprise little gift.. and with this quilt shops name on it … it is extra cute I think… it is 2 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ and is perfect for cutting up block parts during the piecing process 🙂
By Wednesday she had a flimsy completed…

 about 40″ square 🙂

Then below she is layered and pinning…

 And just so you all know… she got a light grey solid binding sewn on after machine quilting all the ditches… then she hand quilted all the open spaces remaining!!!

Hopefully you will get to see the finish once it is gifted too… but it turned out amazingly beautiful with her tiny hand stitching in the pink with white thread and in the white with pink thread… this is a quilt for a girl baby being born to a coworker who has 3 boys presently!!! So lots of pink is a necessity for this little girl to be!! lol

Also while here Connie made us matching cup cozies…

 Here is a close up of mine….

 It has my initial “K” on it… it now sits on my bedside table.. a little reminder of our friendship that sends me off to sweet dreams and gives me a smile when I wake 🙂

Finally Friday was here… and we went to a local seafood restaurant!  We all have July birthdays and when we told our excellent server this … she grabbed this shot after a group sang happy birthday to us all!!!

 Connie’s birthday is July 3, I am on the 4th, my honey is on the 20th, and my daughter is on the 26th!!!!  Yippee 🙂

Check out the free desert we got to share too!

Yummy dessert called the “Boat Anchor”…

While we were at the restaurant we took some photos on the boardwalk attached!!!  Here are a couple!

 And here is a fun shot of me and Connie cheesing it up!!!

 but my fave shot was this new family shot!

So now my teenage daughter is gone for the summer… I have 5 1/2 weeks for just me and my honey to enjoy.  Wow… how long will it take this reality to set in???  Not sure yet!!!
But one thing I am certain of as I adjust to life sans any kids in the house for the summer… 

2 thoughts on “A Busy but FUN Stay-cation :)

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    It looks like you had a wonderful visit with your friend and how nice that she can go visit you once every year to help maintain that friendship. Nice family photos and enjoy the kids free time your have this summer – some long walks on the beach might be in order 🙂


  2. Little Penpen

    You and your friend must have had a wonderful week together! I wish I had a 'quilty' friend. I was in TN last week, while you girls were playing in Florida. I drove April and Annabelle back home and stayed the rest of the week there. Boy, was it hot. But I loved it…. TN is so beautiful! Connie's pink baby quilt is gorgeous and I just LOVE her new hair do! Glad you two had a fun week!



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