Traveling ~ A Slow Stitching Tip and Tutorial :)

“Traveling” is a term used in slow stitching to sneak in the batting layer of your quilt from one stitching area to another stitching area.

I first got the clue on the best ways to “travel” while watching a Hand Quilting Craftsy video by Andi Perejda… she is a marvelous hand quilter and quite acclaimed at her craft as well as a great teacher!! 🙂

I first saw this video about 3 years ago and I have done LOTS of traveling for sure since then!  I wanna share some tips featuring traveling less than a needles length from where you are but rest assured you can travel a bit further… Andi can explain it better than me!lol  If you wanna check out her Craftsy class after seeing my tutorial…

So here is where I was.. the last part of a block I was working on…

The rest of the shots are close ups of the black diamond on the right lower side…

First… make sure your traveling area is 1 needle length or less from where you finished stitching…

Tunnel from the end of your last stitch to your new line you want to quilt like this…

Make sure as your tunnel to your next line of stitching that you feel underneath the quilt and make sure your needle stays in the batting section of your quilt and doesn’t want to the back or front of your quilt.

 Now I use needle pullers also known as hemostats… to pull the needle through as just a tad was showing in the photo above… so below I grasp the tip of the needle easily…

 Notice below I have now pulled the needle through enough… but it is pulled through just a bit further along than I will need.  THAT IS BECAUSE my first stitch will be a back stitch..

The first stitch should be a backstitch when I quilt it because it will not let that traveled thread get pulled and distort the quilt that way… so take a backstitch just prior to traveling or plan to make a backstitch where you travel to like I am here ….

 Here you can see my hemostat’s AKA needle pullers better… they are good at grasping that tiny tip of a between needle! 🙂

I hope this traveling while slow stitching tutorial and tips has helped you!  I am doing some traveling today myself and still working on this same quilt! lol

Please feel free to ask questions 🙂  Linking this post to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching Party HERE 🙂

Thanks for visiting and remember…


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