Celebration Time is HERE!!!

Ya’ll… I am soooo EXCITED to share with you… this shot!!!

I took this shot this morning and promptly moved the quilt! lol

But it is soooo exciting to NOW be on the downhill slide.. yes it is just 1 week shy of 3 months to get halfway on this quilt but there is a LOT of quilting here! lol  And to be honest this is my passion but life happens to get in the way for even a daily slow stitcher like me!

Linking this great progress to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching Linky HERE!  Today she is sharing some fave tools she is currently using on a project…. so here are some of mine I am using on Starlight.. Starbright!
You will see my needle keeper, hemostats (needle puller) scissors, thimble, and thread (not pictured)! lol

I also wanted to share my personal feedback on a couple thimbles I recently got…

I ordered BOTH thimbles from Walmart.com site to store for FREE shipping from the supplier…  each took about a week to arrive and I picked them up the same day to save trips…

First is the thimble I am already currently using on my upper hand middle finger…

It is made by Clover and is made of brass the packaging says… it is a heavy weight metal thimble that wrapps around your finger.. I tend to quilt using my fingernail so this protects my fingernail and when I want to stab stitch through a tough seam it does the trick without getting bent or anything… or bending out of shape from how I set it for my finger… overall very pleased with this thimble… but it was too long for my thumb!

I do quilt with my thumb also especially since I went to frame quilting… so I was hoping the other brand of thimble that was metal that I would try would work to reshape for my thumb….

The Dritz thimble is a little shorter in length… it also says it is made of brass but is a silver color of metal.  The dimples on this thimble are not as deep as the Clover thimble… and once shaped for my thumb .. no matter what we did to position it … it dug into my thumb cuticle… but even aside from that it just didn’t work on my thumb.. so the search continues… and I try to use my thumb for quilting sparingly for now.. lol!

Here is a shot I took of them in their packaging that they came in…

They were both about $10 each when I purchased them about 2 weeks ago… so not bad on price for either… Overall they are very different though…

So I hope this review of thimbles has been helpful to you in deciding what may or may not work for you but holes in fingernails at the pace I quilt just isn’t an option anymore! Hahaha!

Now one other thimble of sorts I do use almost every time I quilt these days is an UNDERHAND thimble… (Yep I ordered this from Walmart.com too!  (Site to store for FREE shipping in about 10 days time!!!)

It resides on my left (underhand) middle finger)… when I need to feel the needle for some reason I use my pointer fingertip… but this way my underhand doesn’t turn into hamburger meat! lol

Okay so enough about the necessities of letting your hands last for you 🙂

Have a blessed day and thanks for visiting… I continue to stay really busy so keep visiting… I will have more to share soon ya’ll!


6 thoughts on “Celebration Time is HERE!!!

  1. CathieJ

    I didn't know I could get those great thimbles from Walmart. Do they run true to size? My fingers are fairly wide and even large thimbles are small on me.


  2. Quilter Kathy

    Congrats on your progress! It was interesting to read about your two new thimbles… I haven't seen either one around here in stores. I do like deep dimples, and I do not like hamburger fingers either!! HA!


  3. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    I have used those kinds of thimbles in the past but they always irritated my fingers, the metal bit into the skin too much, I would have to reshape them to fit my fingers but sometimes even resorted to wearing a band aide or tape so the metal would be on that for the front of the finger or thumb, – but didn't work. I mainly use the leather stick on, metal stick on and little plastic dots for pulling the needle. Glad to hear you are half way always a good feeling!


  4. Jill

    Hi Kathi, Your quilting stitches are wonderful. How brave you are to use black thread on white. It looks striking. Appreciate the thimble review. They basically are a personal choice and expensive as one tries out different makes and styles. Jill


  5. Little Penpen

    Congrats! on half way! Have you ever used the sticky dots with a metal disk that sticks on your finger? That is what I've used the last couple times I've hand quilted and I love being thimble free. I am one that has to 'feel' the needle. 🙂



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