A Slow Stitching May Day !!

Happy May Day to you my bloggy friends…

I hope you are making time to stitch at this wonderful time of year 🙂

I sure am!!!

Earlier this week I finished this cool wall hanging… it is a mix of slow and fast stitched quilting 🙂

This was a wedding gift for my oldest son who eloped with his beautiful bride last month.. so a bit belated but they didn’t seem to mind! 🙂  You can read and see more pics on this quilted finish HERE 🙂

Also my honey and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary yesterday!!!!

 Above is the photo I post on my facebook page 🙂

My daughter made me a bracelet… I enjoy a stretchy bracelet on my wrist… when I get nervous or anxious I play with it! lol

So she made me a rubber band version in colors I chose… I think it turned out quite nice too!

Since finishing the wedding wall hanging I have refocused on Brandi’s Starlight ~ Starbright quilting though… nice and slow!!!!

Here was my progress exactly 2 months since I started this quilt… I am on the 4th block of 9 presently….

 Here is a close up.. use my needle minder to orient yourself to where this is in my frame if you like 😉

 Here is a fun slant on my progress…

 And here is a straight on view…

 I am currently big stitching around the top of the star…

 And here is my remaining part to quilt today and tomorrow probably 🙂

I am also working on my Spiral Log Cabin quilt again… I have the center now bordered with a thin black border that brings my measurements up to the right size for the next border…

 and here are the flying geese that will make up the next border … in progress on my ironing surface! 🙂

While I have been working on all these things my honey has been busy constructing a Hinterberg Hand quilting Frame 🙂  YIPEEE!!!!!
It started with some specialty parts and machine cut wood pieces in a box we ordered a few weeks ago as soon as they became available on their website…. then the instructions explained what wood to buy and how to cut it… it was all Greek to me! lol  but my honey is a master woodworker with things like this and he figured it all out…
Here is a picture of the raw wood being held in place to get our first idea of what the end would look like…
And here it is laid out on the floor.. the small parts have already gotten stained at this point…
Here it is now stained and top coated… 
This actually took several days to get the wood cut and detail cut and sanded all down… then stained… cured… and top coated and cured.
It still seemed fast to us though… It is NOW ready to use once we buy the poles for it next week!

I know it is long… we made it as big as the instructions called for so it would be versatile.
We also have more “tweeking” to do to give me side tension ability etc… Lighting and a good chair are necessary too… but instead of thinking of all that… 
I would rather dream of that Log Cabin being done so I can load it in this frame!!! My first quilt to load in it!!!
Well… I have shared quite a bit… if you made it this far CONGRATS!!!   Hope you were entertained!
If you have a similar hand quilting frame and ideas on how to load a 3 rail system the easiest please let me know.
Also I am planning to buy the leader fabric for the poles next week also… thinking I got a lot of zig zagged edges to keep the fabric from fraying over the years too!  Oh well, it is all worth it in the end!!!  
Hope you have a blessed Sunday and Cheers to Slow Stitching with MUSTER…
Speaking of mustering… check out Kathy’s Quilts blog today and see what that is all about and what fun hand work people are linking right HERE!
Remember… no matter the highs or lows each day… even each minute… Life IS Beautiful!!

7 thoughts on “A Slow Stitching May Day !!

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    have fun with your new frame – do you have a good space to keep it in – they are always so long they take up a lot of room, I have never moved mine LOL, One day I need to get some new leader fabric as mine is beginning to get frayed after almost 20 years where did you get yours and is it thick or thin – mine is a good weight and would like more of the same as it has lasted so long. Congrats on your anniversary


  2. Jennifer

    Your quilting is lovely and I love your log cabin quilt. Can't wait to see it finished with the flying geese border. Happy quilting on your new frame.


  3. Quilter Kathy

    Happy Anniversary! What a great guy to spend all that time and energy building this frame for you! You are making great progress with the hand quilting and you know I'm loving the red accent stitching!


  4. CathieJ

    Happy Anniversary! Enjoy that beautiful new quilt frame too. All of your projects are beautiful. Your hand quilting is inspiring me to start quilting my son's quilt rather than having it professionally quilted. Maybe.


  5. Deb A

    Happy Anniversary! What a lovely frame you have (ok, I just did that in the fox dressed as the grandma voice in little red riding hood). No advise on the frame but would love to hear how you do load it. Eventually I may con… I mean ask Greg to make me one =).


  6. Little Penpen

    Happy Anniversary to you two love birds! Your new frame is going to be beautiful! The stain looks great. Your daughter's quilt is coming along beautifully and the bracelet she made for you is pretty. Don't hurt yourself popping those rubberbands! lol The log cabin quilt is gorgeous, can't wait to see it in your new frame!



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