Under my Needles… Success!!!

Ya’ll… I am so excited to share my most recent piecing… I plan to link this to Sunday Stash #54 over HERE so come take a look at what others are linking… all using acquired or stash fabrics 🙂

I wanted to show off how I planned this log cabin using 1 of these jelly rolls (acquired) AND some stash fabrics added in for variety…

Here is a better view of the fabrics in the jelly roll I chose to acquire! lol

And here is how mine is looking so far…

I organized my logs randomly within each length and color on this foam board I had laying around the house… and separated the jelly roll as you can see here to get going with this…

I have had LOTS OF FUN (waaaay more than expected for sure) piecing this and am so pleased that my progress is sooo much like my vision for it was.. in fact I think it looks cooler than expected…

Now my honey wants to rearrange a few of the blocks yet still keep this design… then I will add a pieced border followed by a wide border of some cool vintage fabric I found… for the pieced border I saved some of the jellyroll strips that had repeats in neutral black and red for my inner border… not sure yet how that is gonna work out! lol

This has been a fun project so far and I like that my family is getting involved too!

Under my hand quilting needle has been this!!!

And below is a close up of the border… on the right side of the pic above…

Success!!!!  Now it was time to move the quilt in the frame… now my view is fresh and when I finish this frame full…

I will be 25% completed with this quilt!!!!!
Before I close… look at our new cozy kitchen table with a nice lamp overhanging it now… 

This is becoming a favored spot by ALL in our home 🙂

Hope you have a blessed week and remember….


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