Wild and Crazy Weekend!

Sew excited to share with you all today 🙂

I have completed several of the red and neutral log cabin blocks and this is my design wall currently…

 Isn’t this turning out cool!!!!

Here was the colorway of the pattern…

And here was my coloring over it with Paint program…

Here is the jelly roll I used called “In Stitches” by Maywood Studios…

My inner border is a continuation of the quilt pattern in a larger strip size than used in the logs… My outer border will be some 1930’s vintage fabric I recently found on eBay… I set the colors with salt and vinegar soak then hand washed it… no bleeding!!! Yippee 🙂

 Above it is a bit rainy out so my honey set up a makeshift clothesline in our Florida room 🙂  The Florida breezes had it dry in no time too!

Here is a close up of the pattern…

This fabric is 35″ wide selvage to selvage and I got 2 yards for under $20 in 1 piece.. this is almost an unheard of deal I think and will really add to this wall hanging I believe.. 🙂

One the hand quilting front I have not accomplished much over the weekend…  I sustained an injury to my middle finger on my right hand… when my nail broke off into the quick… so I had to quilt only with a thimble for several days as it healed… but this morning I finished the remaining areas like these on this second big block… and am off to add the wheel stitching in 🙂

So I should have some yummy pics in my next post of progress on this project!

This weekend we put our dining table up for sale and it sold within an hour!!!

It was a fine table actually but just didn’t fit our style as it is modern and we are vintage… and it was tall chairs that weren’t as practical… also as large as it was it didn’t lend itself to game playing etc.. that I have fond memories of growing up… so it was time for a change in our home here 😉

We got this one!

A table that comfortably holds 8 chairs.. and look at the chair backs… they are engraved with a cool design..

Here is a view of the table with the leaf in it…

But here is how we decided we wanted it for now…

And here is a better view of how cool the table top looks…

The center of the table holds a very special vase to our family and a circle doily for now.. I will make a centerpiece from a special block Connie appliqued for me.  Here is a close up of the flower in the vase…

for us this represents what this week is about in our christian history.. the death of Jesus.

Never fear though.. I have a white one waiting to replace it next week as He will be Risen!

Here is a shot of the adjoining area where we have a secretary…

From this angle light was NOT my friend… but you can see how well the chairs of the table coordinate with the color of the secretary…  Here is a better shot of the top of the secretary…

And if you didn’t catch the close up of the vase… it has a Mickey Mouse engraved into the swirls… we also have magician Mickey Mouse on our secretary 🙂 lol!


So that is all we have been up to around here.. coming up will start the remodeling of our kitchen and adding a proper bar to the ledge there… Watch my honey’s skills in that department… as I continue to sew and create for our home and for friends and family!

Have a blessed day ya’ll and remember…


2 thoughts on “Wild and Crazy Weekend!

  1. Little Penpen

    Kathi, I love your new dining set!! I like it without the extensions so that its round. I love the pop of red going into the log cabin quilt. That's going to be an awesome quilt!! And the flower representing the death and resurrection of Jesus is wonderful!!


  2. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    I've got those same style of chairs – we aren't using them right now they belong to an old set that we had and the chairs – I think 6 of them are stored in the workshop right now – one day we will bring them back out and scatter them about I hope but we do not have room right now – maybe one day – otherwise we well sell them



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