What is your favorite season?

Mine is Fall… Tennessee Fall to be exact…

Didn’t this turn out just LOVELY!!!

I will do a formal post on this very soon.. but I am just giddy to share this shot… and the journey that led to this finish deserves a post all it’s own…

So yes, Fall is my favorite season.. What is yours???

Since I finished this quilt with fun hand quilting … then washed, dried, and hung this beauty… I am linking to Kathy’s Slow Stitching Sunday post… HERE!

Now I have switched gears and started marking my daughters’ graduation quilt!!!  In 1 year and a few month she will be graduating from high school!!!

So she got this flimsy for Christmas…

she picked it out online as just a flimsy so that I could hand quilt it done for her 🙂

So after some fits and starts and erasures… I have a pattern going and I currently have 2 of the 9 carpenters wheel stars marked…

but check out how the white background is getting stitched…

I do hope you can see the meandering star and moon pattern I am marking on the white background…

On this quilt I am marking with graphite, white chalk & white ceramic lead size 0.09 mm… this will all wash out when I am done but is safe for the quilt as it shall take me several months to stitch all this… I am choosing to mark the quilt before layering because the designs are so involved and I need the straight lines drawn neatly for me when I quilt… will go MUCH faster for me 🙂

Her idea is… I stitch all the black/grey areas in white thread (YLI) and all the white background meanderings in black thread (YLI)… then we will add some dark red (Valdani Perle 8 cotton) big stitching to the stars to make them pop a bit… very exciting and different from anything I have ever done and VERY QUilTy when finished! lol

In the meanwhile, my friend Wendy is getting a Double Wedding Ring Template Set!  I am very excited about this as I have always wanted to do this pattern… so I bought the template set as well!  It is by Marti Michell and will be a project in the future for me..

I am in a fb group for DWR designs and see lovely eye candy there…  so many ideas!!!

Once I finish the 3rd carpenters wheel and star I will be making Kaydence some bibs with both Zena and Gloria!  Here are some of the fabrics I have pulled along with the perfect thread I found in my stash… and a cool pattern I found online…

 Here is the cute recipient of these bibs to be…

I am blessed to call her my granddaughter for sure!

Here is my inspiration to encourage my design…

I found this one for sale on Etsy 🙂

So I best get back to marking… this sweetie needs some handmade bibs !!! lol

Whooping up all this accomplishments and plans with Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict HERE

Have a blessed weekend and always remember…


10 thoughts on “What is your favorite season?

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    your quilted wall hanging turned out great – very fallish! Baby so cute and the bibs will come in handy for sure. I usually do not mark before as with chalk the lines come out for me, but I can mark on a stable surface by pulling the quilt fairly tight in the frame – the design and threads you will use look great.


  2. Little Penpen

    You've been busy! I like your daughter's quilt top; I'm sure you will make it super pretty with the quilting! I like spring and summer the best; Fall makes me sad, because I know winter is coming… and winter makes me depressed, it seems. I made bibs for my grand's too…. I love the patchwork type you are using for your inspiration. Can't wait to see some of them!


  3. Denise :)

    Your Tennessee Fall piece is amazing!! Fall is my favorite, too! The quilting on your daughter's quilt is going to be fabulous. I love the whimsical quilting in the white squares, in relief to the very geometrical quilting in the dark spaces! Your granddaughter is a darling! What a fun post!! 🙂


  4. CathieJ

    Tennessee Fall is beautiful. I can't say that I have a favorite season. Your daughters quilt is going to be gorgeous. It makes me realize that I have to get going on a quilt for my own daughter. I like the fabrics you are going to use for those bibs. What a precious little girl.


  5. Quilter Kathy

    Congratulations on finishing the wall hanging! You have the perfect location to display it!That quilt for your daughter will be so fun to quilt! Love your ideas for the designs and the threads and look forward to seeing it progress over the year!


  6. Donna M

    I think Tennessean autumns are why my daughter wants to move back to TN. Beautiful wall hanging. BTW, we have 2 rotary phones like yours in our home that actually work. Surprised to find out that Julie Reynolds is your aunt. Small world. I am vice-president of her guild.



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