Crafty Adventures and Quilty Progress too!

This has been one action packed week so far ya’ll!

First of all I finished a second Christmas fabric chain… to go with the one I made before Christmas 🙂

 These 2 chains will adore our little 4 foot tree next year.. after sharing them with you and my family they are now tucked away with Christmas items to be enjoyed next year…

While this was repetitive stitching I found listening to Netflix was a nice way to sew and make it a bit less painful to be so repetitive… so I have been watching a show called “Hart of Dixie”!  It is their 4th season…

It is certain to make you giggle a bit too so I consider it a guilty pleasure! lol

Meanwhile I have made happy progress on my Fall Wall hanging between sewing breaks of making the chain…

 Above is the fall wall hanging laid out on my work table… I really like seeing that left side all quilted !!!  Below is a close up of starting on the rest of the middle.. but I am over 1/2 way done with the center of the wall hanging now… Yahoo!!!!

In between breaks on both the above projects I received a tapestry piece I found on eBay… $6 included the shipping too!

The tapestry has this design on both sides of the panel… and I thought it would be perfect for our Daisy to lay on… she uses her feet to “fluff” her pillow occasionally.. so I wanted something heavy duty for her cushion… well this tapestry piece is plenty thick… I had to use my 401a Zena to stitch this into a cushion cover! lol

But look how nicely it turned out 🙂  I boxed the corners for a square shaped cushion.

Then I used some polyfill I had on hand, some of the old cushion stuffing and batting pieces from strings I had been collecting and I cut them into small pieces…

 Above you can see I am not measuring with my ruler but using it simply as a straight edge to bear down and cut through 4-6 layers of batting at a time with a old rotary blade that needs replacing…

Even with my arthritic hands I was done with this in about 15 minutes !!!

So then I filled the cushion cover with first the polyfill getting it into the corners well… then the batting pieces…. then part of the old cushion filled the center area up… then back to batting pieces and polyfill and it was time to sew up the hole I had left for the stuffing process…

I used my wonder clips to hold the opening closed as a I slip stitched it closed… you could use a ladder stitch or other invisible stitch but it was black on black so I figured it would not be so noticeable that I could just quickly get it ready to be washed, dried, and enjoyed! lol

Well here is that side completely closed….  I think it looks fine 🙂

And here is the cushion completed…

And here it is being tested out… she wasn’t so sure about it at first so I had my foot up next to her…

but soon I found her snoozing happily!!!!

So this project probably took me 1 1/2 hours all together but I drug it out into a 3 day adventure stopping to ask my friend Connie questions and getting her feedback…

I am very happy with this cushion… I had planned for it to be about 20″ square but once I boxed the corners… it now measures 14 x 15… the corners are boxed at 3″ across for a nice thick cushion though….

So now I have a second panel ready for a cushion for the sewing room.. I think I will make it much the same… but may not box the corners… see which she likes best 🙂

Hope you have enjoyed this catch up…

Take time to smell the roses today if you will & remember that ….


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