Fun Sunday Stitching … How about you??

Are you doing any fun Sunday stitching??  Maybe a tad of slow stitching today to enjoy ?!!  Well I surely am 🙂  And I am linking this post to Kathy’s Quilts Slow Sunday Stitching post HERE!

Kathy talks about taking time on Sunday to relax and recuperate… I am planning on focusing on this today… and maybe a guilty pleasure Netflix watching too! lol

I woke early this morning as I went to bed a bit early last night… but I have had several VERY productive days and I am excited to share lots of stuff with you today! 🙂

While waking up today I finished the maple leaf quilting 🙂  This quilts makes me happy!  I am looking forward to this coming fall to show it off for sure!

 And once I finish these 4 blocks I will have about 30 blocks done.. that is HALF the center of the quilt… and the borders will be fun and go quickly as well! 🙂

I really thought I would put this down once we were ready to focus on my daughters quilt she got for Christmas… the stencils came late Saturday afternoon and she is happy with them so that is good… 1 she chose and 1 I chose… pics to come next Sunday 🙂 lol!

And I have all the thread and the batting I want to use for this quilt… I am very excited to start it but it is a big quilt and requires a LOT of marking!  My daughter and I were chatting yesterday over the stencils that came in… she is VERY excited for me to start work on it and she wants to HELP!!! 🙂

Yep.. you heard right.. I will teach my daughter of 17 1/2 years old how to hand quilt this year!!!!  Yay 🙂

I will teach her on this beauty we found on eBay already a flimsy with a border and all!

I was already excited to start on this quilt… but to know she will carry this through highs and lows as she learns how to be an adult she is proud of and to teach her how to hand quilt on this quilt… makes it even more special to work on for sure!!!

So more on that next Sunday too! lol  In the meantime me and my daughter will mark at least the center today and this week… maybe the for little stars around he center wheel/star too! 🙂

Remember me asking about this tshirt my daughter can’t wear but wants to keep ??!!!

Well after pondering it with my daughter.. we are gonna make it a pillow with black fabric surrounding the Superman symbol! 🙂

Okay… now life is sounding busy in this post.. and I surely didn’t plan that.. and there is even more going on I haven’t shared yet!!!

Here is 1 of the 2 BOM’s I am doing this year…

It isn’t sewn yet… just cut and waiting for me on my ironing board… but so happy to have chosen the fabrics as I sorted fabrics… the white fabric with little light pink hearts as well as the center square of this 9 patch block is in memory of Kimber’s memory quilt which was my big project last year… the blue “cornerstones” and a fabric I couldn’t work into her quilt but had pulled and just loved it so before storing it away in my fabric chest… I cut 4 squares of it for my first BOM!!!!  Want to know more about this BOM??  Not to late to join.. the goal is to pull fabric from your stash too!  Check out Wendy’s link about it HERE if interested… she is an excellent teacher and I can’t wait to see what all the year holds in the fun BoM!

The other BOM I am planning will start on the 19th… so I will have more to share on that next Sunday 🙂

I got my new labels in on Friday… I had just ordered them from Etsy HERE on Wednesday with my personalized choices she shows in her shop ad… and they came ready for 30 more quilted items to be branded forever with my name… I usually will add the year to the tag as well with a permanent marker and set with my hot iron 🙂

Hope you check out her shop!  She has excellent customer service and labeling your quilt is so easy when you add this while sewing on the binding 🙂

Saturday’s mail brought not only stencils for Brandi’s quilt I told you about but another surprises too!  I got this cool pin and my membership card from AQS!!!! (American Quilters Society)

 I shared in my last post that I joined AQS to get the magazine and discounts on my class and entry for me and my honey to the quilt show and vendors…  Well in 3 days they managed to send to me all my welcome stuff… and membership INCLUDES 10% VIP discount card good at Joanne’s!!!!  How fun.. so you get a magazine every other month (6 issues a year)… this cool pin…

and discounts on all they sell/do!  I am liking this money spent .. I was hoping I was spending money wisely.. I surely think I have.. and the quilt show isn’t til the end of NEXT month! lol  So much for PATIENTLY waiting ! lol

I have more to share but that will include some finishes too… so I will save that all for another day… Here is a pic my son James posted of his “Bubbles” … we know her as Kaydence but he loves her nickname a LOT!

and check out what is laying out in the floor behind and to the left in this shot!!!!  Yipeee 🙂  The quilt I made her is getting used!!!!

I love seeing my work in action!  Do you like seeing your quilts caught in shots or in real life being enjoyed??

Until my next action filled post remember…

Life is Precious &


12 thoughts on “Fun Sunday Stitching … How about you??

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    Neat labels, I have a stack made by her too. I hope your daughter will learn quilting and enjoy it – but I had tried with both of my daughters and it didn't stick 😦 granddaughter and grandson both tried it out when they were very little and Ciera liked it for awhile but now they are teens and into their own things and far away from me


  2. Tanya Quilts in CO

    I am jealous your 17 year old wants to learn something about quilting! My own 17 year old daughter is repulsed by my quilting hobby–I think she has always been jealous by my attention to it. Good luck!


  3. Deb A

    So exciting your daughter wants to try quilting! Hook her right up! You have such pretty stencil motifs.. can't wait to see the ones for your daughters quilt.


  4. CathieJ

    My 24 year old daughter did not inherit the crafting gene, but then I started on my own. Enjoy that wonderful time with her. I was surprised last year when a photo collage at a bar-mitzvah had a picture of the 13 year old boy on the quilt I made him when he was a baby. His mom told me that it was well-loved and is now stored away even though it is not in very good condition. I love when I know that what I made was well used.


  5. Little Penpen

    How exciting that your daughter wants to learn and help quilt her own quilt. I would be so excited if my daughter were interested!! Your Bubbles is a pretty little girl and YES, I see my quilt in lots of my Annabelle's pics. It truly makes me smile.



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