Kaydence’s Take 2 Blankie… The BIG Reveal!!!

November and December have flown by in a flash this year ya’ll!

I had a big finish the beginning of November and flew into working on Kaydence’s Take 2 Blankie…. her mom says that is what they will be calling it … a blankie… so I figured why not incorporate that into the name!! LOL

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It started with my friend Wendy sharing the instructions for making what I found was called Anita’s Arrowhead blocks for this quilt.

Then I made a tutorial for this block myself as well right HERE!

To make sure I was on track though I made 1 block for a final measurement of the block itself… and made this graphed drawing to work from…

I used a different color for each block and used white as my neutral ~ mom’s request as well! 🙂

Soon I had 8 of those blocks made and a special center block as well!
And at my request Kaydence’s mom sent me HER handwriting of Kaydences’ full name and birth statistics…

 I started the hand embroidery on the center block on November 13, 2015…

 And had finished better than I imaged it to look on November 18, 2015 🙂

 And by Thanksgiving weekend I had the flimsy together ready to layer, pin and START Hand Quilting !!!!

The vibrant green fabric you see in this quilt was thanks to my friend Connie  As was the fun backing fabric I used when I layered it…

Then I started the quilting in my hoop starting in the center…

while watching Bonnie Hunter’s most recent Quilt Cam… I did a fun wavy cross hatch in the center 🙂

All the Anita’s Arrowhead blocks I stitched in the ditch… I wanted their graphic quality to shine… not my stitching as much… but then there was the orange inner border…

I used turquoise Valdani 12 wt perle cotton thread as I had on the center block … in this cute Heart and Swirls pattern I had a stencil for just for this quilt! 🙂

Then back to wavy cross hatching for the outer border…

Isn’t this outer border the cutest owl fabric EVER!!! ???  I loved working with it 🙂

But those green cornerstones needed something more than a cross hatch job….

So I made a stencil from paper that would last for marking these 4 cornerstones… and stitched them in the pink I had used in the middle square in the green as well to make a great balance to the quilting overall I think…

So now that all hearts lead to the center of the quilt… it was time to label and wash the quilt .. bring out the texture and I think it shows okay here… but here are close ups of that….

 So for the blocks and outer border I used YLI 40/3 thread in white so it was all tone on tone in the end.. all else used was Valdani 12 weight Perle cotton I found searching online 🙂

I used a Hobbs Tuscany Cotton/Wool blend batting for that cool wrinkly texture but still have loft too…

Overall I am VERY pleased .. but who cares what I think… lets see what the recipient thought…

Just 7 months old and already playing peek a boo with her new blankie!!!  Thanks to my son James for catching these shots of his daughter receiving her new blankie 😀

So I do believe I can call this quilt a success!!! And it clocks in at just a bit smaller than the 49″ square it started out as before washing!!!

Any plans for New Years Eve??  I will be staying in and going to bed at regular time… I did get a bottle of non alcoholic bubbly for my girls to enjoy though !

Thanks for visiting!  Until my next post with next years goals and theme revealed…


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