Merry Christmas 2015!!

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas 2015 🙂

I think this image above would make a great Christmas card.. so I thought I would share it here for you to enjoy my bloggy friends… 🙂  

May your day be filled with joy however you choose to spend it!

As for us… 
Brandi’s best friend from preschool has come for a visit… Tanisha is her name 🙂
Here is a shot Brandi took on her new phone (LG V10) just after she arrived.  She came before Christmas and is staying til after New Years!!!  Yipppeee!!!!
She took her first airplane trip to get to Florida from Tennessee (my daughter paid for it for her Christmas present this year)… I had Brandi and Tanisha fill out a little questionnaire I made up… mainly to help me shop for Tanisha something fun for Christmas… but also to make sure I was on the right track with my daughter as well.. Teenagers do change their minds.. and they are young ladies as well!  🙂

 All turned out well… and after a bit of shopping and a bit of sewing… I had a couple Christmas stockings for them to enjoy!

In Tanisha’s questions she said their families Christmas traditions included opening a gift on Christmas Eve… well let’s do that with the stockings I thought 😀

 So on December 23 we had our Christmas Eve present opening above… and they loved the stockings!

My daughter got her fave quote in life in a magnet…

“Just Keep Swimming” the magnet says…

 And Tanisha really enjoyed the fuzzy fun socks in her stocking 🙂

 Purple is her fave color… so I found lavendar socks! 🙂

Then we hung them on our kitchen bar ….

And after adding a quilt as a chair cover and some more presents I had stashed…
Christmas arrived for them…

 Brandi got a new quilt top with batting, backing and binding… that will be my next project…

Tanisha got a book set she is very excited to own!  Insurgent series??!!!  Very nice book set and she was thrilled once she opened it!!! 🙂 lol

 But the girls each agreed… Christmas Eve morning present opening should start with presents they had purchased each other…

Once all the present opening was done and wrapping paper was cleared it was time to get our party hats on!!!!
we had a Christmas Eve party !!!
Now my daughter wanted to invite her friends too… but I wanted this to be just family… and it was!!! Yippee…
We had a smorgasbord of foods we had prepared the day before and all that morning.  We created the menu ourselves and set off on fun Christmas themed snacks…

We had an edible gingerbread house decorated so cute… “ornament” shaped rice krispie treats the girls thought of together… sugar cookies with Christmas trees in them… a bowl full of cherries… Deviled eggs and a couple just left hard boiled… bacon (my son Mike LOVES bacon so we made a bunch!!! … those cute Christmas trees in the center are brownie Christmas trees… my famous sausage balls thanks to my daughters excellent kneading skills in mixing all the ingredients as my arthritis is to bad these days to knead all they require… orange juice and Egg nog too!     Wow!!! What a menu!!! 🙂

And when all arrived at just a few minutes past 10 I had even found time to make CJ a cute bag…

 for the wood blocks we gifted him…

This shot shows my monogramming the little bag I made.. very cute but almost too small.. I may remake.. I used this video and love the simplicity in the bag for sure!!!  Debbie Shore does the video in real time and took her 20 minutes… I think I could do one now once the fabric is cut in that timeline… and it is easy to personalize with a monogram or shape!

CJ got a few other fun things including books and learning toys mainly 🙂  He loved each present he received too!

We hope you take time to ENJOY this day as the birth of Jesus is the way to have salvation everlasting…  

Although Daisy doesn’t enjoy clothes or hats.. we did manage this photo too!

Doesn’t she look just like the Grinches dog with these antlers on??

So Merry Christmas you all from Florida’s east coast to where ever you are reading this now!  If you find yourself alone this holiday season.. please don’t be sad… know you are being prayed for right where you are… take time to read a good book or watch a fun old movie that makes you laugh 🙂

Until my next post with some of the presents I received at our party exposed!  Today I will sew something either by hand or machine… but mostly I will…


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