Christmas Decorating and Hand Quilting is Happening too!

We have started our annual Christmas decorating and destashing !!!  Do you have just what you need or do you destash each year as you unpack items that just don’t have that “favorite” ring??

While I fluffed out our tree a LOT (lol) my honey found a quilt not being used to put underneath our Nativity set…

This is also our facebook header shot this year 🙂  Do you change your header for the Christmas season??

And here is our little tree!!!!

And of course there is a Christmas train running round it! lol  If you follow me you know my honey is a vintage train collector as well… so a train for the tree is a given item in our home 🙂

Then we also put up a Christmas puzzle we worked and glued together about 5 years ago… in hopes of having a beachy home like we now have to display it…

this puzzle is about 16 x 20… can you tell it is a puzzle???  We enjoyed working it as a family for sure!!!

As we were decorating I was lamenting living in Florida now means real mistletoe is hard to find… and I love kissing my honey under Mistletoe!  The idea is just so romantic and we have an awesome area for that!!! lol  I still may do something different… but when my honey found his stocking I had made he deemed it “OUR CURRENT MISTLETOE”! lol

This is the headboard of our bed… he said now we can enjoy lots of private kisses under the mistletoe until we can find some for the foyer! hahaha!  He cracks me up with his punches of romanticisms 🙂

I made this stocking our first Christmas together… the name is stitched in HIS handwriting I copied onto the stocking…  I embroidered and sequined and beaded the entire stocking in about a month and a half to surprise him on Christmas morning and help acclimate him to our family!  Well almost 5 years later we are still together and Kissing under the Mistletoe ! hehehe

Here is a fun Christmas tradition we started in 2011… we got this FREE on our local Craigslist when we lived in Tennessee… we got other things too in their destash 🙂  But this item has become our Christmas calling card of sorts.. a soldier is cool too as my honey is an Army Veteran 🙂

It is hard to see in this shot since it is daylight… but some of the lights that glow against the colored plastic glass pieces and in the dark it looks really cool… well some of those lights are out now… so he needs NEW LIGHTING and just a spruce up… so this is our reminder of the condition of our soldier before my HANDY honey gets ahold of him 🙂

Yesterday CHRISTMAS came early for my honey too!  He so wanted new pots and pans… ours were all scratched and flaking from years of teenagers growing and learning and inadvertently (sometimes) just getting worn out over the years…  So he found a great BLACK FRIDAY deal on these pots and used the money he had gleened with Featherweight sales… to buy these beautiful and top quality CIRCULON pots and pans.. VERY heavy duty I tell you!!!!  AMAZING :)…

Meanwhile I have ordered a few things to call my Christmas if my kids don’t come through for me and I feel very blessed to have Rick and my daughter Brandi by my side to enjoy this time of the year!

How do you celebrate December each year???

I have been working fairly steady on Kaydence’s Take 2 Blankie… 

I have finished the center of the quilt and have moved to the orange inner border…

Here is how the stencil started so I went with it… 1st corner down to start off with! lol

And here is that side almost done and spritzed with water… you can see the Dritz Mark-B-Gone marker I used to mark the stencil design…. and my little water bottle I spritz it with once all stitching is done… to remove the marks so I can take a pic like this to urge me on.

This may seem strange but I quilt without looking at the whole quilt over and over… I don’t see a quilt for all it has to offer until it is washed and washed again then dried.  Then I adore it before gifting it or putting it to good use if it is staying! lol

What kind of quilter are you??? Do you peek often… or do you dream of what it will look like once washed???

Here is a close up of my stitching….

For the big stitched heart and swirl motif I used Valdani 12 wt perle cotton in the same turquoise I used on the center name in this quilt… so it is very coordinated with my embroidery and then my quilting!  For the proper look after washing I used support stitching for this border by using the white YLI 40/3 thread I used in the rest of the quilt to stitch the ditch on either side of the orange border… will make it all pop once washed and dried!!! 🙂  Yippee!!!!

Soon I will be taking this fabric…

 And making a couple of stockings…. you see my honey has a homemade stocking… my dd was old enough when I was making it to make her own and wanted to so she started it but has never finished it.. so she has a store bought and personalized stocking that we have yet to uncover…

I thought with all that in mind… I would make her and her best friend, Tanisha, who will be visiting over the holiday… a stocking each that is quilted… maybe something like this??

This is a pic I found on the internet… just to use for an idea booster!  And the ideas ARE swirling!!!

So we will see what I can do with those fabrics to make a couple scrappy quilted stockings that can be personalized to each girl and enjoyed for years to come I hope!

Do your children use stockings?? Would love for you to share stocking ideas with me if you know of a “recipe” 🙂  You can email me directly HERE to attach a pic if you have one with the web link/blog post/etc….

I will be starting on sewing this together next week… I plan to focus my current sewing time energy on finishing the Fall Wall Hanging and completing and binding Kaydence’s quilt if possible…

So now that you are all caught up I better get back to digging through decorations… we are destashing this year a LOT too… and hand quilting 🙂

Have a blessed December whatever you do and make time especially this hectic time of year to …


4 thoughts on “Christmas Decorating and Hand Quilting is Happening too!

  1. Little Penpen

    I enjoyed your very full post! Your nativity is beautiful and I haven't been really good about changing my facebook headers. My grandchildren fill my photo's and will prob stay there for awhile. 😉 Your free soldier is GREAT!! and I love your puzzle beach Santa. And to think your dream is now a reality!! you live at the beach!!!! We have plenty of mistletoe in NC.. my hubby pointed some out to me the other day. I haven't done much decorating in the rental house, but I do have my little tree up and shining.


  2. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    we have Christmas decorations that have been saved for years and years and I rarely add to them anymore. I know you lost everything to fire some years back so you are adding new things I'm sure. I made Xmas socks for my kids and all my nieces and nephews over the years but have none hanging in the house as hubby just isn't really into the whole xmas thing and I wouldn't say he is a romantic at all!



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