Happy December Ya’ll!

I can’t believe December is here!  We have a busy month in store… and this morning I started on the 4th Anita’s Arrowhead block in Kaydence’s Take 2 Blankie 🙂

Here is the first one I stitched.. there are 8 in this quilt…

I do pin baste my quilts while they are pinned to the floor… then hoop them and remove the pins as I stitch around them so no shifting occurs.

Here is that block finish…

I am simply quilting these in the ditch on the white side… I am using white thread so I want it to not show in these blocks except for the quilty texture it leaves behind… soon I will have enough to show you a shot without the hoop… but for now I am making progress…

I think I shared the center block with you in my last post.  I finished it as I watch a bit of quilt cam by Bonnie Hunter…

 Here is a shot of just the center block I hand embroidered in mom’s script…

 I really like how it turned out too!!!

And while I have been stitching away on this quilt… the recipient turned 6 Months Old!!!

Here she is for her 6 month check up 🙂  Isn’t she a cutie!!! ❤

Here she is with my son James… her father!

As I have been stitching this morning I finally finished all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls on Netflix…

They even have a fb page.. who knew?? lol  And they are planning on filming a reunion exclusively for Netflix if I understand correctly… still reading up on that.. but hoping it comes out sometime soon… next up … probably some Christmas movies… I really am not yet in the Christmas spirit so something needs to wake that part of me up! lol

Meanwhile I have been pondering this center I finished last week of my Fall Wall Hanging… planning the inner border… and the width of the outer border…

The grey way my initial thought.. and I even cut the strips for it… but now I am just not loving it…. it is tooo similar to the pumpkin spice fabric that I used in this quilt so far I think… I needed something more bold… so I am thinking of going with a thin black inner border and a outer border in the fall leaves..

Now who knows if I will quilt this soon or not.. I have some Christmas secret sewing going on as well… so I will see… but I really would like to get this project to a flimsy state before the Christmas holiday!

More necessary shopping has happened this week in the Cyber Monday deals we found this set of pots/pans for a great sale price.. so we splurged a bit but they will soon be in our possession we hope!!!

They are Circulon Elite series … we have one skillet already that we bought over the summer.. when we saw a full set with no repeats for sale we just had to have them 🙂 lol!

We also have invested in something more practical.. a new ceiling fan as our previous one broke and the room it goes in NEEDS a ceiling fan going 24/7.. this IS Florida ya know! lol

Well.. the stitching… and my honey are calling me so have a happy December.  Would love to hear your December plans too.. or if you blog share what you have going on .. if you can! lol

Make sure you take time this month though to …


2 thoughts on “Happy December Ya’ll!

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    the quilt is coming along nicely! baby is so cute. ceiling fans are a must in the south!! we do not use ours in the winter as we are further north then you are of course and closer to the Ozark Mts. so get a little cooler but the fans are normally going from beginning of April to November. I wish I had one in the kitchen – only room that doesn't have one – I will need to get one to put on a stand next summer.



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