Happy Thanksgiving Weekend in the USA :)

My blog has been so quiet all week.  Here in the US it is a Holiday Weekend…

For us Thanksgiving is a long weekend of food, family and shopping sales!!!

Although Thursday is the nation wide Thanksgiving Day each year… we celebrated with food and family on Wednesday evening with a big pot of my homemade chili… Yummy!!!

I have done shopping with a little fabric purchase… some 10″ squares of beautiful Christmas fabrics… and a new seam ripper… I call Jack… aka Jack the Ripper! lol (my daughter lost my previous one…)

Also we bought a new vintage 1890’s sewing machine!!!  Pics to follow when we receive this beauty 🙂

Here is a CLONE of it that we currently own… Circa late 1800’s also…

This one is a Kruse Sewing Machine Company chainstitcher 🙂  And it sews such a nice chain stitch too!  Can’t wait to see what is different from a real Willcox and Gibbs versus this clone we now have!

But mainly over this holiday weekend I have been stitching!! Slow and fast stitching combined…

First was some slow stitching on my Garden Bouquet Whole Cloth quilt…

I have sewn on it every day for a few hours… and that is a lot of back hatching quilting too!!!

Back hatching is what I call all these straight lines in tone on tone stitching..

Until I finally found another bow…

If you look at my previous post last Sunday (yes it has been a week since I last posted & I have been so busy stitching…)  It looks similar to this hooping above… but this is 1/4 way around the quilt… slow but sure progress is the key to finishing a project though… now it is back on the back of the chair it temporarily homes at as I stitch other things that have deadlines…

So my fast stitching was Friday and Saturday in between slow stitches I finished this flimsy…

The center block is embroidered with the recipients name and birth statistics… here was a close up I shared when I finished that part last week…

And here is the backing I pieced for this flimsy…

Very fun and Whimsical… kind of like the front of the quilt 🙂

So yesterday, Saturday, I got it all layered and pin basted and today I started my day by auditioning different stencils for the center block…here is the one I decided to use..

And here it is marked with a blue spritz away marker…

And here is the cute recipient also known as my granddaughter… She will be 6 months old tomorrow… hoping her mom posts a new pic of her then!

So that is my weekend!  How has your weekend been??

Linking this quilty slow stitching progress and the beginning of a my latest slow stitching to Kathy’s Quilts… Slow Stitching Sunday Linky party HERE!  Come on and join in the fun if you have some slow stitching to show off.

Me… I will be slow stitching all day on Kaydence’s fun quilt!  Hoping to have it done by Christmas!!!

Hope you have a happy Sunday and can ….


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