The Border is Here!!!

For so long I have been thinking… the border is coming.. the border is coming…

While I worked feverishly on this cute outfit…

Kimber had special future plans including her daughter in some shots with this outfit she wore as a toddler…. so when piecing this outfit we tried to keep it true to the things Kimber liked about it most… quilting it was easy once I let off the importance of this outfit and went with the flow of the block….

Then it was time to unpin the bottom right corner of the quilt and applique on the label I had pinked the edges of … for a raw edge applique adding more texture to the quilt once washed 🙂

This quilting plan did all come to pass.. not sure yet what (if anything) is going in the green border… I decided after repinning this area to work on the block it is partially attached to which brought me here…

This is another of Kaylie’s artwork t-shirts we chose as a decorative block…

I started above with the fishy part.. then the background ideas just flowed as I did the wavy crazy crosshatching…

Finally time to rid these blocks of the blue … spritzing and allowing it to soak out of the fabric and batting.. then dried it hanging in front of a fan….

Once it dried though check out this lower right section of the quilt…

Hope you are enjoying this as much as I am 🙂

But while the quilt was drying as it had gotten fairly saturated while soaking…

I pulled out my stencils… brought over my tunes… and found a fairly fresh blue spritz away marker that still worked 🙂 lol

And marked the quilt with the stencils as generally shown above 🙂

Because I am using spritz away marker I am only marking 1 side at a time.. I mark the border from the corners to the center then figure out how they meet to look even.. this one met fine on BOTH borders so all is good 🙂

So now I have done some errands and a tad of housework.. I hope to spend the next couple days devoted to these borders and get them knocked out… then binding and washing and drying and GIFTING!!!  Kimber should be so excited!!!!

Linking this quilt progress to Sarah’s Whoop Whoop Friday Linky HERE!

Thanks for sharing in my joy today… Have a great weekend!  Happy Friday ❤


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