I am so Blessed!

Here is my view today….

My table runneth over with Lovely things!

You see yesterday I received a letter I had been waiting for from my DIL Keashia 🙂  I also got some thread for Kaydence’s Take 2 Blankie I am piecing… for the embroidery additions…

Isn’t this a precious picture of Kaydence.. and her mom’s lovely handwriting to be transferred to the quilt block!!!!

I added contrast to this shot… so maybe you could make out the name in the center and birth statistics she wanted in the green sections…

So if you have been observant… I have shown you 2 pictures of Kaydence in the photos above…

I got 8 or 9 shots of this beautiful princess… she is a perfect mix of her mother and father too!  Very interesting to see them each so distinctly in these shots of her 🙂

So enough Grammy Gushing!!!  This princess needs her quilt! lol

To accomplish this I need to finish Kimber’s quilt… and I am getting close to the last block and label addition!!!!

I started with this picture and tried to decide what would flow with this outfit… it is satiny fabric and needs stabilizing similar to the knit does…

So I have added quilting to the top and am working on the pants now…

I think the top turned out cool.. more pictures when the block and this bottom sashing are finished…

Then I will applique the label via machine… having to unpin that corner of the quilt to applique only to the top layer.. not the whole sandwich… so not looking forward to that! lol

I have pinked the edges of the label and will raw edge applique it then cut out the fabric behind.. I will add extra batting to make the label look like it has been stuffed like trapunto-esque! So I am happy about figuring all that out!

Well that covers my quilty and Grammy life for now.. Don’t forget to check in on November 1 for a tutorial on the Anita’s Arrowhead blocks 🙂  Until then or sooner!!!


2 thoughts on “I am so Blessed!

  1. Kathy ... aka Nana

    Kathi, I don't know how in the world you are able to quilt through all those layers on that memory quilt. It looks fabulous, though, so you've figured out a way for sure. I'm still impressed by your decision to use Kaydence's mama's handwriting for the information on the center block. It looks like her name fills up the block … are you going to add the date and weight, etc. on that same block as well?



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