Quilty Productivity :)

Happy Sunday ~ October 25th 🙂  Do you like my new blog header and background???  The weather here on Florida’s east coast is perfect.. 70’s and nice breeze most all day long!  So I have been feeling quite Quilty!! lol  I had a great Friday and Saturday in my quilty life.. thought I would share my hand quilting first..

This block turned out stellar I think….

This is a block of Kimber’s Memory Quilt… my honey suggested making school lined paper as teh background stabilizing stitches on that black block.. it is made of glittery spandex leggings that were Kaylie’s 🙂  now they hold Kaylie’s initials in elementary school print!  Hope Kimber likes this way of stabilizing this block 😉

This is the upper right corner of the quilt..

I have finished all these blocks but the last 2 on the bottom right 🙂  So up next…

The sashing shown above must be stitched… in the ditch then a decorate swirl down the center…that has been marked.  THEN I can move down to that pink asian outfit.. more on that outfit later…
Linking this weekend hand quilting progress to Kathy’s Quilts Slow Sunday Stitching HERE!!
Having made that progress I decided to see how my center block figuring skills were…
I sewed this block together quite easily on Gloria.. my Singer 1956 301a 🙂  
This block will be full of hand embroidery when finished… but I thought it being in full flimsy form would be best for the embroidery addition for hooping reasons.  So today I plan to sew this all together…
And once borders are added and quilting… this quick finished flimsy will be destined for my sweet granddaughter Kaydence.. it will replace the original quilt I made her that was lost to fire!
Here is a cute shot of Kaydence…
So my plan for this day… more hand quilting productivity and maybe a center sewn to celebrate 🙂
Have a blessed day and thanks for visiting!!!
Until my next post…

3 thoughts on “Quilty Productivity :)

  1. Anonymous

    Changing blog headers add variety and spice. You combined everything nicely. I went so far as to change blog name and blogging platform. The memory quilt is awesome. I also enjoy sewing on my Singer 301. Kaydence is a precious cutie pie.



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