Weekend Forecast .. Beautiful and Quilty :)

Happy Friday all my bloggy friends!

I have had a very exciting and productive week.. let me share with you the center of my granddaughter Kaydence’s new quilt!

This block is called Anita’s Arrowhead… on November 1 I will publish a pictorial tutorial I have written for some fb friends… and will share with all via this blog.. so keep an eye out to see how fun and easy these really are to make!!!
I also got in the border fabric for this quilt and picked out an inner border color from my stash as well as binding fabric too!
The orange will make the perfect inner border fabric… to highlight all the orange in the owl border.. then the blue binding will be perfect to finish off this lovely Take 2 Blankie 🙂
I still have the center block to work on as you can see… the fabric just came in yesterday for that.  The fabric was a gift to the quilt from my best friend Connie 🙂   She also had donated the backing I will use on this quilt to me a while back so her generosity will be all over this quilt for sweet Kaydence >>>>
More to come on the center block in my next post… but I am also waiting on Kaydence’s mom to send me her handwriting of Kaydence’s name and birth statistics to add to the center block via hand embroidery 🙂  Yippee!
Hand quilting has brought me to a elementary school shirt and a part of some leggins we repurposed as background for this block…
Here you can check out my set up a bit… and see my initial stitching plan for this block… that changed a bit as needling through 4 layers of fabric and 1 layer of batting made for large stitches.. so there are now hearts on both sides of the years on each side of the bear in the center…
Here you can see that asterisk/star is changed to a heart 🙂  All things can be adjusted easily when hand sewing I think! lol
Then my honey thought the black background piece looked like a chalkboard and we should put some early elementary paper as it’s quilted background… after pondering this a while I loved the idea… and added Kimber’s daughters initials for just a sweet side effect to the lines… and to make up for the extra big stitches on the tshirt block itself! lol
So here is the beginning of that idea taking shape with needle and thread…
I can see my excitement build as I watch this block come to life… and as I see this quilt find it’s way to being complete too!
I love the quilting table my honey made me.. it came with a shelf on the bottom for me to store things in use and to rest my feet when arthritis is making them ache..
But I needed a place to hold my little quilting notions.. thread, scissors, thimbles… etc…
So Connie gifted me this cute Longaberger basket from her collection of baskets…
Look at it.. even comes with a little leather loop to hang it by.. so my honey added a cup hook to the right front leg of my table…
It even has room for my water spritzer to remove all the blue lines this quilt requires 🙂  PERFECT!!!
So I hope your forecast looks beautiful and quilty too.. if not try to interject some of that if possible!  My darling daughter is also on the mend for any inquiring minds 🙂  Thanks for your prayers!
Linking up this Whoop-able post to Sarah who is currently in CHINA!!!  HERE 🙂
Until my next post…

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