Quilting ` Cheaper than therapy :)

A friend posted this by Fons and Porter on her facebook feed.. it rang true to me to share it with you and share what has been going on in my world…

so while I continue to work in Kimber’s Memory Quilt.. the blue tshirt block… I have been pondering my next projects.. then everything just came together for me to start on Kaydence’s quilt.  Kaydence is my 4 1/2 month old granddaughter who lives in Tennessee.. when she was about  2 weeks old the house she lived in with my son and his wife burned down… luckily no one was home  but they lost the quilt.. and I have been pondering a replacement.. after chatting with my dil Keashia at length a new quilt was born from my stash!!!

Here is a close up of the block I am doing… called Anita’s Arrowhead most properly… this quilt will be called for now Kaydence’s Baby Quilt ~ Take 2 🙂  I may just say Take 2 for short though ! lol

The instructions I had to make this block were not really complete in nature… so I won’t offer a link but if anyone is interested … I COULD DO A DEMO of how quick and easy this block is to make so you can make your own!! 🙂

Let me know if you are interested in this option !!!

Linking this post a day late but should be okay to Sarah’s WHOOPing Fun Friday Linky HERE

So in order to sew in my sewing room.. I needed to clean up a bit… here is what I walked into…

And here is how I rearranged things a bit… does take room away from my honey’s side of the room but I needed to grow a bit in my space to make several upcoming tops 🙂

Since I took this shot I have moved the queen anne stool in the corner that my honey just recovered to the cutting area… it can float between there and Zena my 401a…

So Gloria is the star of my show right now, my 301a… she is my piecing machine stuck next to my design wall.. and there is a shared ironing station between the machines… 🙂   I love this arrangement and I love sitting in the bankers chair while sewing on Gloria!!!

Recently my son posted a pic someone snapped of he and Kaydence… so I took some pics from a recent photo shoot with my son and his step son CJ and..

 Made this!!!

I may print these out and send in Christmas cards this year.. if I send any! lol

For now I am going to make some more arrowhead blocks and work on the blue tshirt block hand quilting.. until I can post again..


1 thought on “Quilting ` Cheaper than therapy :)

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    you will have fun making a new baby quilt for the granddaughter. love the photos you share of the kids. Your sewing room is great – the room my husband and I share for our things tends to be overtaken with quilting as well – he has a corner for his computer things and books in the closet, I have the rest of the room!



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