Slow Stitching Sunday!!! Yahoo :)

I am sooo excited to be able to share progress this Sunday!!!!

This is one of Kaylie’s dresses that we cut the back off of and appliqued to the fabric… I have been so busy with other things… and had a block on how to best quilt the skirt part of this dress… to keep it flowy yet secured well to the quilt for long use… the ruffle on the bottom is being left loose so Kimber can enjoy playing with it when she wants to 🙂

This quilt…

is about 1/3 done with the quilting now 🙂  Yippee for that!!!  There are many quilty things on the horizon and next year is even filling up with things to do… I must balance life and activity with desires and such… to keep me going.

I did design some business cards and ordered them..

Shipping and all was under $15 for 500 from Vista Prints… we are very happy with them.. they are glossy on the front and matte finish on the back.. so I will be adding these to the thank you notes we enclose on our facebook/featherweight sales in the future 🙂  You are welcome to use /share this information if you know anyone interested in getting a great condition 221.  That is my quilting on a embroidery piece a friend made for me… then I gifted the whole thing to a wall hanging celebrating my honey’s hard work with featherweights 🙂  One of the glamour shots I took of that finished work is the picture there… Exciting stuff for sure!!!
On eBay we picked up this cool vintage “toy” for CJ to enjoy for now and future grand kids later..
This little pup moves along on his own with his little legs moving when you pull the red ball attached to a cord going into his neck… very very cute.. I remember having a similar one as a child as does my honey 🙂  Do you remember anything like this from your past??? (We gave him his tail as he came with just a hole there and no tail.. lol)
Look what we had to wait behind at the pharmacy last week…
We thought only in small town Florida would someone come to the Pharmacy on a bike with kids in tow!  Very cool indeed!!!
But our big score of the week for me is this beautiful 1950’s Singer Queen Anne cabinet my honey found and bought for me…

 the drawer in the front opens out from the top… I love that sooo much too!

 Currently it has nothing in it.. but as soon as the room is clean and usable again it will soon find lots of quilty accouterments to fill it! lol

Above is a bit of a blurred pic of my Gloria (301A) in her new forever home…. and below is Gloria when I did a photo shoot with her a while back…

 And my fave part is that I now have access to use her again… her and that seam guide she came with make an awesome team to help me piece accurately and quickly too!

Life continues to be fast forward… but I am hoping today and tomorrow to have more quilty time… I am linking this moderately quilty post to my fave linky party with Kathy’s Quilts on Sundays HERE!

I hope you make time to be labor free this weekend…

 And until life slows down for me to share more…


9 thoughts on “Slow Stitching Sunday!!! Yahoo :)

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    if you lived near by I would have you work on my featherweight and get it running again but something like that I don't like to think of shipping so far. Good luck in your business venture. I remember little dogs like that and we and our children played with them, I guess it must be about 30 years or so now that children have not wanted to play with those type of toys – parents must have decided that only electronic toys were good for children!your quilt is coming along nicely!



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