A stopping place… and a FRESH start :)

Yesterday morning I put the final stitches in this hoop of flowers on my colorful whole cloth quilt…

I think this is between 1/4 and 1/3 done now.  I looked back and this quilt was started on March 19, 2015…

And here is a nice texture shot showing a bit more of the flowers…

So with that at a good stopping place with June 8 being the beginning of my rest break…  I have turned my focus to 2 newer projects 🙂

First is to mark for hand quilting and sew buttons to the center of each circle on this Bulls Eye flimsy…

The center was made by my bestie Connie… I added the borders with fabric I found for the backing and had plenty to throw the needed borders on it…

it will measure about 36″ square I think once washed… but that is a bit ahead…

Today I will mark it for hand quilting… add those buttons… then layer it and pin it! 🙂

I am very excited as this smaller project (about 40″ square now) will pin easily and be a pretty quick stitch too I think.. so sooner we will enjoy this deliciously textured finish I have planned!

Also I have been doing some design work on a UFO I have had for a couple years and actually had forgotten about it! lol

Here is what I have currently completed…

 And here is a mock up I made of what I plan to add to call this one a flimsy….

So the flying geese on either side of the center are paper pieced… that will be my first on this project.

The black border shown will actually be a dark grey Moda fabric left over from the Bulls Eye Wall Hanging 😉  I will also bind it in that same fabric I think!

So lots of work yet to go on this… it may wait for more attention until Connie comes in just a few weeks time now…

Hope this week finds you being productive and happy about it!

Until my next post…


4 thoughts on “A stopping place… and a FRESH start :)

  1. Little Penpen

    Your whole cloth is amazing! You are really moving along on it! Your other two projects are great too…love the message \” measure once, cut twice\”… a nice reminder. Your babies are mighty precious in your header, too! There's nothing more precious than those sweet little souls…. ❤


  2. Kathy ... aka Nana

    Sometimes we need a break … sometimes our breaks are planned and sometimes they're not but we're always refreshed and anxious to get back to our hand quilting when our breaks are over, aren't we? 😉



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