A Thimble Story…

Once upon a time… I decided to try a thimble and a friend gave me a cute little plastic open thimble she had an extra of.. I found I could use it but the open top left it a bit floppy during long use though…

But it let me know a thimble COULD BE an option!!

So I went to JoAnn’s looking for a metal thimble that had an open top like the plastic one did but more sturdy … I like to quilt lots of curves and that is active quilting! lol

No go there but when we got home I did find just what I as after at Walmart online only.. so I ordered it on May 15.  Finally… after calling the shipper and waiting some more it showed up yesterday!!!!

Connecting Threads currently has this on sale under $10!!!!

I immediately had to play with it… and it was a tad large!  Yippee 🙂  I had been concerned my arthritic fingers would play havoc in finding a thimble to even fit like the plastic one had!

The adjustment “wings” were so sturdy once moved it was a breeze for MY HONEY to get it sized to my liking! lol  It is not easy or “floppy” adjustment.   That is why my honey had to use his expertise to help me size it.. I imagine if you don’t have a handy honey you could use pliers which is how he got involved in my quest for a good fit.

Well the fit is excellent… take a look at my first curves with a thimble on 🙂

And here is a backed up view of my last space to quilt until this circle is complete!!!

I am really pleased with this…

Also this flimsy is now backed up to a work in progress as I am adding borders to it I have decided..

And just looking at this pic again reminds me how much better it will be with the border to finish it off 🙂  I am very excited and will start this process as soon as I finish the whole cloth hoop I am on… it will go inside to “rest” and I will find energy in the wall hanging transformation!!!

Stay tuned… and guess who only visited once this week we were sooo busy….

He turns 1 on June 6 so stay tuned to the birthday loot we have for him… Rick is gonna wrap it for me in a box he can play with as the contents are clothes and a book! lol  But it is what he needs!!! 🙂

Well.. I am off to put in some more stitches with my thimble!  Hope you enjoyed this Thimble story! lol  Pun intended! 🙂  Linking up with Kathy for Slow Sunday Stitching… as I hope my Sunday is full of hand stitches!!!


10 thoughts on “A Thimble Story…

  1. Donna M

    Thimbles! How many have I bought and how much money have I spent? But, once you get the right one for YOU, it's awesome! Fewer sore fingers from puncture wounds, too. Your stitches are looking fantastic! The baby is such a cutie. He shares my daughter's birthday. She is only 47 years older than he. How can I have a daughter that old? LOL


  2. Jill

    OMGoodness, Kathi is using a thimble. Miracles never cease. I hope it works out well. If not, kudos for trying, but I think you will learn to like it.


  3. Kathy ... aka Nana

    Finally! I'm so glad that you've found a thimble that works for you! And I think it works for you as look at those stitches! Perfect!Some quilts just \”need\” borders, and I think that quilt your friend made for you is one of them. I can't wait to see how you'll border it.


  4. CathieJ

    I have always wanted one of those thimbles but I am always afraid it won't fit. I have long nails and that would be perfect. I use a leather thimble instead. Your quilting is beautiful.


  5. Kate

    I haven't used a thimble in years, but then again I don't do that much hand stitching. The quilting on your whole cloth quilt is gorgeous!


  6. Deb A

    Wow a thimble and a hoop! I'm impressed. I still can't get used to using one but I have adjusted to using a hoop – just had to find the right size for me.



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