More in focus this week :)

First I want to wish all of those who have lost or been close to someone lost in service to our country…

In our home we do remember on Memorial Day that it is more than just great sales … and a 3 day weekend… it is a time to be somber and remember the price for the freedoms we now have today!
I loved the artwork I found for this post.. and hope it gives you a minute to remember all that has been given for you in whatever country you live in… but especially this weekend in the US.

CJ has been over to visit quite a bit… here is a pic I took with my dd with CJ…

Then I pulled into an iPad app I am having fun with and it came out like this!

Doesn’t that look just like a boy frame??!!  I love it 🙂  And I love them both!!!

Once I realized I liked this app for my iPad called “Photo Lab”… I made a business pic for our Paypal invoicing logo…

As most of our sales of featherweights is on facebook and we use Paypal to protect both parties invoicing and insurance claim wise… so far no insurance issues yet! lol  But nice the post office will take a paypal invoice paid in full as a receipt 🙂

I have gotten some stitching in as well!  Here was my hoop a couple days ago…

And I have done more on this besides what is shown here… but it is dark out at this writing and doesn’t make for the best shots! lol

If you recall … a couple weeks ago my bestie Connie Combs sent me a flimsy to make into a wall hanging.. well I had set a goal to meet on this wholecloth before I can set it aside… and while I do that I have still been playing with my honey iPad.. and photos… and check out the flimsy shot I did with this effect…

Aren’t all those cricles there cool… light dark and medium… I can see the basic colors and it gives me all new ideas about this quilting… so I am glad I haven’t started on it yet! lol

Then this week Connie finished the raw edge applique center of a table topper….

 Isn’t this cool!!!???  I love it 🙂  I am excited to add borders and quilt both of these pieces!!!

I think it is amazing that she made them for me in the first place and sent me the leftover fabrics for the border so it will coordinate!!!!  Whoop!!!

Then… she also mailed our birthday presents early… she will visit in about a month now but is mailing ahead everything she can besides her necessities she will carry on the airplane 😉

He was excited to get this box!!!

Check out the cool Singer service truck that was inside!!!

 Then in a separate parcel… with the table topper center she mailed I got this for my birthday…

isn’t this wool pincushion the coolest!!!  She made it by hand in her few off hours.. and found the perfect pins for it to decorate it well… it is waiting for my return to the sewing room to be given a more official job than to “look cute” and “remind me” of what a great friend I have in Connie!

Connie Combs ROCKS!!!!

Another play with my Photo Lab app… a quote I fell in love with on Pinterest…

 Who do you let rent space in your head.. old memories??? old recordings???   Try to add a new positive recording to repertoire every day… before long there will only be happy tenants filling your head! lol

So until the next time I can write to you all…

…. and I am relaxing and enjoying this weekend!  Hope you do as well!!!!


4 thoughts on “More in focus this week :)

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    I haven't used my I pad very much yet, I did add that one quilting app to it but must admit to only looking at it briefly. I think I have used it in the kitchen more for looking at recipes while I cook in the kitchen. Hope you have a nice weekend!


  2. Kathy ... aka Nana

    Slow and steady wins the hand quilting \”race\”. As long as you're having run, that's all that matters. 😉 I don't know if I'll get in any hand quilting today … I have a mountain of dirty clothes to tackle, and if I'm hand quilting, I get too focused and don't hear the alarm that the load is finished so that by the end of the day, that first load is still in the washer. 😮


  3. Deb A

    My hand quilting has been crying in the corner…. the show I've been watching at night needs attention so no hand work. Maybe tonight though…. I need to not watch Netflix until midnight three nights in a row!



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