Happy Mother’s Day Ya’ll!

Hope you each have a blessed Mother’s Day 🙂

Unfortunately it has been another stressful week around here…
But all is well now… so let me fill you in 🙂

Monday my honey has had allergies that we thought had gone to pneumonia so we started getting aggressive with home treatments we had available… unfortunately Tuesday he was feeling even worse and running a fever so he finally (after 4 years without one) decided he was ready to see a doctor here!  Yippee I thought…

Well he is a veteran of the Army… so going to the VA for the first time in 4 years is a bit tough to do we found out… you must register your move to the new state first (we moved from Tennessee 2 1/2 years ago).  They did check his basic vitals and took a quick history and started the transfer process but sent us to the nearby emergency room for the antibiotics after a chest xray confirmed pneumonia was the cause of his nasty cough and fever….

Well.. at the hospital they found his lungs clear… and because he has had open heart surgery about 5 years ago they wanted to keep him overnight for a long overdue cardiac workup…

 So me and Daisy held down the fort overnight! lol 

She refused to sit in his chair which she sits in all the time when he isn’t normally… but she knew something was wrong… so we prayed and tossed and turned… finally morning came and I could get Brandi off to school and return to the hospital to see what this day had in store for us all…

The cardiac PA came in and informed us he would be going to a medicine stress test… which turned out to be a harrowing event of a test.. if you ever have to have one.. but once over gave us valuable info like his heart and arteries are all in GREAT shape!  So why the cough and fevers???

Unsure.. they called it an upper respiratory infection and started antibiotics and sent us home!  Yippee 🙂

A little worse for wear… as he didn’t sleep well either without his usual bed partners! lol

So by Wednesday evening we had mapped out a tentative NEW DEAL!

We started Thursday out.. after a fairly good nights sleep had by all right here…

Isn’t this just gorgeous!???

We moved near the beach to go there often… but found life “too busy ” to “have time” for the beach.. now we are making time we decided…

So every morning we are gonna take a nice walk on the beach… start getting in better shape and enjoy the nature and beauty that is a mere 10 minute drive from our home!!!!  We are truly blessed to be this close!

We are also changing other things in our lifestyle… cutting back on bad habit items and improving what we eat… and we are doing it together!!!!  I love that!!!

In the meantime… when we got home from the hospital Wednesday we had a package waiting from my bestie Connie…

She sent me a couple new quilty themed t shirts for an early birthday surprise and something for me to hand quilt that she pieced for me…

I love this wall hanging sooo much!  It measures 32 x 32″ currently… trying to decide if I chould add a bit of border to it before I start the quilting once my supplies all arrive…
Here is a quilt she has finished on a tan background fabric instead of my grey above… and you can see all those layered edges of the circle parts will curl up once washed…
 I will call this the Bulls Eye Wall Hanging I think.. at least for now… “Bulls Eye” is the name of the pattern she said & she has the book the pattern came in…and I sent her the beginning of the grey background fabrics.. she did all the rest!!!! Isn’t that a wonderful gift!!!!
Here is the thread I will use on the circle “bulls eyes”…
It is Perle 8 cotton by Valdani .. I am trying it for the first time on this project that won’t get much wear as it will be enjoyed… 
I also ordered buttons to go in the center of the bulls eyes… so that will add more dimension.
Finally I will quilt with a layer of cotton batting AND a layer of wool batting on top of that before adding the flimsy to make the sandwich.. it will be VERY dimensional when done I do believe!
Here is a pic of my honey showing it off against our kitchen wall light grey walls…

I just can’t convey how excited I am to receive something made by Connie especially for me… I have never been gifted a flimsy special made before and didn’t expect to feel so honored!  But I really do!!!

Finally it was the end of the week… Friday when Brandi got home from school she announced she needed to be taken across our little beachside town to the art studio to pick up a piece that was on display she had made in art class at school!!!!  “Sure” I said…
Little did I know that her piece was in the center most highest position in the place being shown off for all to see!
So here is a collage I made from that Friday afternoon visit to the Art Haus!  She calls this piece “The Vanished” as the pic to the left shows a moon with a wolf howling and on the opposite side of her vase is an empty moon.. 
You see this vase had a special purpose for being made… her father had been cremated when he died 7 years ago and we had just celebrated his birthday May 3 with those blueberry muffins and the birthday song too!  Now she had possession of all semesters hard work and inside this URN will go most of the remaining ashes.. she is mongo excited to have this.  It does sit in the living room and looks just like a decorator piece… Wolves were his fave animal and one she enjoys looking at too… so the top also has a wolf formed on it… the whole thing is made of clay and the etched with designs all commemorating memories she has of her dad!  Isn’t this awesome now that I have shared the back story??
Then CJ came over to play… hadn’t seen him since Monday because of our mega crazy week!
And I actually .. late in the week accomplished quite a bit of quilting progress… FINALLY! lol
So all I have left in this hoop to quilt now is the back hatching… and I only have about 2 hoop moves to make before I have finished this section completely on the quilt!  Yippee 🙂
By the time I finish this hoop or these hoops.. as the case may be.. I will take a break and start the Bulls Eye Wall Hanging… it will be nice to take a break and really start quilting a bit.. although the perle 8 cotton won’t be much fun and 2 layers of batting sounds less fun.. but I am just so excited none of that is a deterrent at this point… 
I also have some crazy background quilting ideas for Bulls Eye… so stay tuned when I start that as I will mark the background before sandwiching so I can see the pattern I have planned!!!!
So excited ya’ll … to end this week up!  But I must calm now and work on back hatching lines and using my thimble as I foudn on the curves of the flowers and leaves getting great stitches was near impossible so the thimble my friend Kathy gave me has been waiting patiently for me to learn more about have accurate stitches WITH the thimble! lol
Have a blessed Mother’s Day if you are a mom/mum 😉
Until the next time I can make time to chat…

3 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day Ya’ll!

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    Glad your guy will be ok, sometimes it is very hard to get them to go to the doctor or the dentist it seems and they do need their checkups! you are right to try to do life style changes together, eating healthier and exercise is just the thing needed.It sounds like your daughter has done good with her art and including her fathers ashes is healing for her most likely.The quilt is wonderful!


  2. Deb A

    So glad he is ok and on the mend. I love that you are both making changes to help you both – especially the walking on the beach each morning. Wish I was closer to do that. Your daughter is very talented – so special she got to show off her work at the local gallery and now has a great place to show off her special work with wonderful memories of her Dad. Hugs to you all and Happy Mothers Day.


  3. Kathy ... aka Nana

    So glad that nothing is wrong … sounds like you two are going to do your best to ensure that it stays that way. How exciting that your daughter's work was on exhibit. I can't wait to see your whole cloth finished … and to see your work on your gifted quilt. Hopefully this week will be a good one without any undue stress so you'll have lots to share next time. 😉



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