Feeling Grateful :)

Happy Monday my bloggy friends!

After a rough week last week (thanks for all your supportive messages!  They each meant so much!) and not much handquilting in the may-lay … I have picked up my hoop over the weekend and this morning too!

So that quilt is moving along… and other projects are moving along in needing to get done!!!  So I hope this week has less stress…

I also want to thank each of you for your thoughts and prayers for me last week.. I could feel them… the problems are with my almost 17 year old daughter… and this is something I came across.. thought I would share here…

if only teenagers could grasp the truthfulness in needing to compare a future mate to the ideal mate for them!

So in the meantime I have been enjoying some great photos from my best friends and wanted to share it with you too…

This hand quilted baby quilt as made by my bestie Connie!

The pic on the left shows the hand quilted detail while the quilt on the right shows personalization stitched by hand and an excellent wrapping job 🙂

And here is sweet baby Emily born just a couple weeks ago and had her first professional photos taken on it…

 Then my other best friend Wendy celebrated the 2015 Patone color …

And made this flimsy…

That she then quilted and posed with a couple of fun bears for the blog show associated with the blog party!

The texture shows up some in this pic but it is astounding with all the shots she has sent me as this quilt was in production… it also is all hand quilted in Wendy’s own freehand style… she is VERY talented 🙂  This quilt also won her Viewer’s Choice award which came with a credit to a fabric shop here in the states.. she can’t wait to cash it in as she loves their fabric selections!

Here was Wendy’s second Pantone entry… 

It is a great table runner for a friend… and she had the border fabric in her stash already!!!

Wendy has a blog you can check out more on these 2 projects HERE!

May is a month that has many bittersweet memories for me and my daughter… please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers… Tony died in 2008 and we still miss him every day.. Sunday was his birthday so we are trying a new tradition and celebrating only his birthday this year….

With one of his fave breakfasts… blueberry muffins… but these were gourmet style and completely by scratch.. I will have to get the recipe from my dd if interested… but it includes yogurt and lots of blueberries too! lol

My honey has the flu (:( BOO!) currently, and my daughter is giving me gray hair (almost 17!)… but today I am ready to see my little buddy CJ…

And continue putting in some more hand stitches & taking time to share my gratefulness with all of you!

Thanks for stopping by for a visit!  Have a blessed week!  Until next time…


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