Happy NTT Thursday!

NTT??  Yep… Kelly hosts a fun and quilty linky on Thursdays called NTT (Needle & Thread Thursday)… I love her linky… check out the other linkers HERE!

Today I am sharing some whole cloth tips… many are inspired to try this type of design for hand quilting as it looks deceptively easy…

Here is where I started Sunday…

And Monday I got the stems and flowers done…

And did that ribbon as well on Tuesday…

Then by Wednesday night I had finished the cross hatching background 🙂

Tah Dah!!!!

I am really enjoying this.. but it is a slow process.  And understanding the hand quilting basics leaned with patchwork stitching definitely helps.

When you stitch a wholecloth you are making all the design on a piece of fabric… all the lines I am stitching on now will be washed away when I am finished leaving only my colorful thread and the natural color of my whole cloth.

I would love to answer any whole cloth questions you have.. please comment with questions 🙂  I answer every comment personally!

While I have been stitching on this my honey is adding wainscoting to our living room and hall.  We had it in the foyer and dining room… he did that there as well!  It is labor intensive for sure and pics will come in a future post.

Also… I have had company while stitching…

CJ came to play yesterday!!!  Yippee 🙂 

CJ is my handsome grandson if you haven’t met him here yet!

Finally I have a request… I need HELP finishing this wall hanging. 

I plan to tea dye the middle embroidered square to help it match the off white vintage fabric I used for my background color of the spools.  But I need filler on each side of the embroidered square… would you put little stars or small spools or flying geese??? So many ideas I have… do you have any suggestions???

Thanks for stopping in!!! 

Until next time remember to…


4 thoughts on “Happy NTT Thursday!

  1. Donna M

    I just love that whole cloth design. So unique. That grandson is a little cutie. I think I would fill in with some other than more spools. Have a great day!



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