Pincushion Reveal & Whole Cloth Update :)

Thanks to all of you that voted for your favorite Pin Cushion design for the little cast iron truck.  This will be a much used pin cushion.. so I wanted it to look fun and be functional…

What do you think???

I also ordered some ultra fine pins for it & for my future quilt piecing adventures

and I think I will love them!  They also have glass heads so they are ironable! Yipee!!!

Linking this cute pin cushion idea to Karen at Sew Many Ways linky party HERE!

While we were running errands this week we say the funnest thing ever…

Yep… if you see that dog… on the Hog… you are right!!!  Wouldn’t you love to be that dog!!! 🙂

Also this week I got to visit with my oldest son DL and CJ too!

CJ loves his Papa… and his Papa loves him 🙂  And we found a steal on a play pen for nap times here too!  And you know me… pediatric nurse.. I had to get him a few age appropriate toys too…

So next time they call for a babysitter we will be ready without them having to bring half their house with him 🙂  Yippee again!  And aren’t his cute baby cheeks just so kissable in this shot??!!! lol

Now on to the best stuff of the week.. 

My progress with the colorful Whole Cloth quilt… amidst my busy week I am learning to balance a bit more and have made so much progress I am ready to move my hoop now 🙂

Here are a couple close ups of my work for you to enjoy…

 The heavier blue areas in the top of these shots is where I needed to see the stitching lines better… some of them are quite faded from sunlight and time… remember this was a estate sale find for $8… so I will be happy to mark some along the way when necessary!  I am so blessed my friend Connie found and got this for me 🙂

I love the texture created when a section is all quilted.. it feels sooo cool too!  Very soft and supple for sure!!!

I have a couple secret projects coming up

.. and I have resurrected my Spools quilt top and will be finishing it…

would love your feedback on what I should use on the sides???  flying geese maybe…

should it have a small outer border??? 

I am also planning to tea dye the center piece so it matches the antique white of the spool blocks..

So quite a busy week ahead!  For today though I will happily be moving my hoop and working on secret projects! lol  And I will be linking this post with Kathy at Kathy’s Quilts.  She is talking about having a project tote.. I have 2 actually that I use all the time but have no shots of them.. Check out her slow stitching linky party HERE!

Hope whatever you do today you find time to…


6 thoughts on “Pincushion Reveal & Whole Cloth Update :)

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    your son looks very happy with his boy! no advice on the spool quilt I'm sure you will think of something! I haven't looked at Karen's Sew Many Ways blog in awhile I need to go on over and see what she has. I used to look at it all the time.


  2. Little Penpen

    Hey friend, I didn't know you are a nurse too. I used to be a pediatric nurse, but now I'm at the other end of the spectrum, and work with geriatrics. Your pin cushion is adorable; you may have a hard time keeping little CJ from wanting to play with that truck. 😉 Your wholecloth is wonderful and is really coming alive! I love the pretty colors!


  3. Kathy ... aka Nana

    Wonderful pin cushion … love it. I use those pins, too. Your son obviously loves CJ … he is such a blessed little guy to have so many who love him so much. I love seeing your progress on your wholecloth quilt … so delightful! I'm so bored since I can't quilt and I can't read, my two favorite things to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Maybe I can kit up some EPP pieces for our road trip this week and even do a little basting (it doesn't require a lot of attention, so I don't think it would put too much strain on my eye).



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