A Great Kind of Week…

It has been a great but very busy week here around Casa Del Loro…

And I FINALLY found a new chair last weekend!

I was so excited to do my endless search on Craigslist and this time hit paydirt in an ad without a pic… but the description that caught my eye… so I sent an email and he responded with a pic .. off we went and got it!  We plan to put a new seat on it but it is great as is… see my desk and quilting area now..

My new chair is MONGO comfy which is GREAT and I love having my hand quilting nearby.. you can see I have done a bit of work since this pic…

To this pic…

I just have that background cross hatch to do now 🙂

Linking my quilty progress to Kelly for NTT (Needle and Thread Thursday) HERE!

I also got this cute little cast iron truck this week which was GREAT…

 So I then auditioned fabrics for the back of it… to make it into a walnut shell filled PIN CUSHION!!!

Which of the 3 above is your fave for the back of this cool truck?

Monday and Tuesday were filled with errands and house keeping chores… because on Wednesday we had a full day planned to do other stuff which turned out so GREAT!!!

In the morning I had 2 quilty friends come for a visit and we chatted a LOT and quilted a bit…

 Meet Debbie (sitting) and Kathy 🙂  We had a bunch of fun!

Then me and my honey decided between rain drops to go for a beachside walk….

But the tide was all the way up.. so no driving was allowed…

Since we came for a walk anyway we just walked onto the beach….

And NO ONE was there!!!

It was sooo surreal to be on the beach during spring break and only the birds were our company initially.. by the time we left a few people were noticed … but very cool altogether for sure 🙂

Then Thursday I got to not only meet a new person in my life… his name is CJ!!! Ya’ll this is SUPER GREAT!!!!

 CJ is my oldest sons… fiance’s son.  However they have no wedding date.. so future posts will just let you know … I am claiming him now as my grandson! lol

Isn’t he cute sleeping here!  He took a nice nap while he was visiting and we had a fun playtime too!

Hope you are all doing well!

Until next time…


6 thoughts on “A Great Kind of Week…

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    your new grandson is adorable! of course you can claim him and the wedding will just make it official. Love your chair – I like the blue plaid for the truck. Nice that you got in a visit with some quilting friends.


  2. Deb A

    What an adorable grandson you have! I like the yellow… but then again it is your pincushion so pick the one you will smile at! So fun to have time with quilty friends… I really miss that.


  3. Little Penpen

    What a great week for you! First, I love your new chair. It looks very comfy! I love little CJ; what a cutie! You guys will have so much fun together. Your little truck is adorable; I agree with the others on the third pic for the truck. But I would almost go for something RED and small scale… that black truck will make the red really pop! It's yours and it's adorable…. enjoy!



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