Blessed Easter Sunday!

Hello and how are you?  It has been a bit of time since my last post.. but we have been busy!!!

First I want to wish you a Blessed Easter.. in our home our Easter decoration is here…

A single white flower to represent the purity of Christ’s love… dying on the cross for our sins and them arising to join his Father.

Now if you made it this far… I also want to say… as much as this time of year means to me.. everyone has their own beliefs and I love that about the world we live in… So what are your beliefs for Easter… I would love to hear how you decorate… or don’t ! lol

As for me and my house… we have been busy this week… We have continued our spring cleaning…

I also received a package in the mail this week from my bestie Connie.  She sent me some thread we had ordered together and some goodies too!  Check out the angel in the center of the secretary… that is over the vase that sits there now for just a short time of enjoyment before we put her away… she is a Christmas angel and will adorn our Christmas tree this winter 🙂

You see I shared with Connie what kind of tree topper we wanted but couldn’t find.. well she had one in her stash she never uses anymore and remembered it as a gift from one of her dds from Cracker Barrel restaurant… how cool!!!!

My honey meanwhile has been creative in with some of his things too!  Check out what is sitting ON the cabinets in our kitchen now…

Yes… that is a model train… 027 scale to be exact and has been collected over time.. all is in working order too!!!!  Most of the train engines are 1940’s heavy metal engines that are workhorses.. but look how long this train is…

 It runs the length of our kitchen!!!  So cool we think!!! What do you think??

Saving the best for last…

I have been making great progress on the whole cloth quilt…

I finished the section I was on last week and started the south section this week…

And I have more done than when I took this picture…

I am just loving this project and while I have other projects calling me this one is getting my full attention currently…

I am hoping to get some unhooped pics this week to show my progress completely on this queen sized beauty 🙂
I also mailed out Kaydence’s baby quilt to her parents this week as her shower is next weekend!

Thanks for hanging in with me this week… and please.. if you made it this far please leave a comment… I covet your thoughts for sure!

Until my next post…


4 thoughts on “Blessed Easter Sunday!

  1. Kathy ... aka Nana

    Wishing you and yours a very blessed Easter, Kathi. I don't really decorate for Easter … I like the idea of a single white flower and may use that next Easter season. You're really making great progress on your wholecloth … I love it and still wish I could have found that in a smaller size. You did a fabulous job wrapping Kaydence's quilt … but that wrapping can't compare to the spectacular quilt inside. 😉


  2. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    I didn't realize your grandbaby is not going to be living close by – you are mailing it so I take it they live a distance away and you will be a long distance \”granny\” like I am – I'm sure they will love the quilt.I do not decorate for Easter anymore – I used to when the kids were here but now it is usually just the two of us so I don't. I think the trains look really good up there on the cabinets but I hope they will not collect the kitchen \”greasy dust\” that goes with a kitchen no matter how hard you try to keep it out – they might have to be dusted frequently to keep build up from happening



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