SUNNY Slow Stitching Sunday :)

The sun is out in full force on this cool but sunny morning here on the east coast of Florida 🙂

 Wish I had a beach sunrise pic to share with you… but here are some plants from our back yard with the reflection of the sun showing off their beautiful magenta coloring…

Speaking of the sunrise today… did you set your clocks forward if you live in the United States???

Here is a cute pic my friend Connie posted on her fb wall… thought you all might enjoy it too…
P . S.  Starbucks is also a fave for me too! lol

And I am continuing my slow but sure path in the hand quilting department on Kaydence’s Baby Quilt…

Here was the view I woke too…

 Here is my progress this morning and the morning light instead of fake sun lighting the way… you can see the quilting much better I think 🙂

I am basting the outer edge as I do the outer border… this helps nothing to shift with the sewing on of the binding… which may be tomorrow at my current rate!  I currently have just 16 interlocked hearts to stitch before binding can commence on this lovely baby quilt!

Here is an UBER cool quote I found on facebook… I also thought you may agree…

Quilting is Therapeutic for sure!!!  Do you Wish Upon a Quilt sometimes too??

Cheers to a wonderful Sunday to you and yours!


3 thoughts on “SUNNY Slow Stitching Sunday :)

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    so true – I think that is why some refer to their quilting as \”therapy\” especially those in the north that are depraved of sunshine – quilting helps! Love your hearts on the quilt they are looking good – that was a good angle to take the photo from you can really see the quilting much better – I wasn't sure in some of the previous photos as I couldn't quite see it clearly but you captured it today.


  2. Kathy ... aka Nana

    Binding tomorrow? Woo hoo! If I were going to be home tomorrow, I believe I would be able to start binding T#3's quilt … of course, if I were feeling well, I'd be putting on binding today. As it is, I'll be binding this week … we'll both have finishes this week! I agree with Karen … excellent angle for showing off your lovely quilting.



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