Fantabulous Friday to you!

We are all having a fabulous week here on Florida’s east coast and wanted to wish you all the same… hope this Friday finds you feeling FABULOUS 🙂

UPDATE>>>> This Sunday, March 8, 2015 EST sometime that day Fons & Porter Love of Quilting Facebook page will feature the Valance I submitted to them on a whim!  I am MEGA excited to see what kind of response it gets! lol
Here are the shots we submitted to them…

 So if you would like to see what they post go find them on facebook and like their page or just check their page out on Sunday sometime maybe 🙂  Yippee 🙂

We had temperatures in the 80s yesterday with a nice breeze and my darling daughter decided to do some work in the back yard….

 She concentrated on this area of our patio and didn’t she do a great job of trimming away the deadness that had previously existed there???  Sorry no before pic ..

Then this morning my honey decided to pressure wash it (when he saw these pics! lol

Now look at our outdoor patio!!!

 My honey installed this as there was nothing but sandy dirt to walk out on when we moved in … and it cleans up so nice each time he pressure washes away the winter duldrums… and algae! lol

Meanwhile I know may of my friends and family north of us are having cold and snowy and treacherous weather.. here is a pic recently sent to me of my nieces and nephew enjoying the snowy weather…

The youngest one just had a birthday  🙂

Our azaleas liked the cold snap we had last week and this week we got lots of blooms!

Meanwhile… Monday I made it to the hearts of the outer border…

 Hope you can see them in this pic… this border pattern is 2 1/2″ and I have it set closer to the inner edge to leave room for evenness after binding 🙂

Here it is in my hoop… I have HALF of this done!!!  Yippee 🙂

I am very satisfied with my progress on this baby quilt as Kaydence isn’t due til May!

I have started reorienting myself to the Hollyhock Garden quilt again as well… and I have read the first chapter of the new book I shared with you in my last post.. so I have been quite busy to include housechores and such 😉

Hope you have a fantabulous weekend 🙂
Thanks for stopping in for a visit!


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