Feeling Better!!!

This week I have been able to miss out on cold medicine and we have been mongo productive so far!  This follows a week of few accomplishments though! lol

First we cut down two dead trees and piled them up for the city to recycle..

Then we called over some friends and trimmed up 2 trees in the back yard… We don’t think they have ever had much of a trim though…

See!!!  Much more came from our back yard for sure! lol  But it is now ready to be made into mulch and such! 🙂

I managed all the laundry including sheets on Monday and finished ironing some shirts I had been procrastinating… do you have house hold chores you put off???  I try telling myself I can get rewarded with quilting time for getting some ironing done… then I don’t quilt either! ha 🙂  Anyway, finally got it done thanks to encouragement from a friend!

But instead of more quilting time my honey and I decided a trip to the beach would be a fun diversion!  So 80 degrees on Monday and breezy we took the 15 minute drive to the beach from our home and enjoyed ourselves a lot!!!

 Here is our view of Daytona Beach 🙂

And here is a sandpiper who was playing in the surf …

So after sooo much inspiration with cleaning and tree trimming among other yard work… let me share some joys I am seeing in my back yard!

The fuscia blooms above are azaleas … the cold we had last week made our azaleas VERY happy!

And here are some jasmine that is blooming just outside my quilting space!

After such a great day I came home and stitched.. woke up and stitched.. and today I find myself seeing the end of the middle border of Kaydence’s Baby Quilt!   Yippee 🙂

In this shot you may be able to see the light graphite lines…

I use a bright lamp with a “daylight” bulb in it to light the way when the real sunlight is not available.

Once I finish this green border quilting and in the ditch support stitching … I will start working on the outer ring of charm squares 🙂  That will be cross hatched as the inner 2 rings were.

In closing I would like to thank each of you that sent up a sweet thought or prayer for me after Sunday mornings post… as I am sooo much better this week.  I appreciate you!

Also I wish my oldest son a Happy 30th Birthday… He is a blessing to me!

Until my next post remember to …


5 thoughts on “Feeling Better!!!

  1. Kathy ... aka Nana

    Ok, I'm jealous … I know you dipped your toes in the sand for me, but still ….I've been terrible at procrastinating my household chores – big time! I need to take a day and try to get caught up, but my needle and thread keep calling me. :-)I'm so glad you all are feeling better and that you were able to get some overdue chores out of the way … and still had some time for quilting!


  2. Little Penpen

    Glad you are feeling better… it HAS to be the beach therapy that cured you! I'm jealous, as I sit here looking at snow on the ground. I've always loved jasmine, I could almost smell it! The baby quilt is looking good!


  3. Deb A

    Glad you are feeling better. The trip to the beach must have done it with the waves crashing onto the beach. Such a lovely sound. Great progress…. I think I'll have to find my quilt for hand quilting tonight as I sit with the heating pad on my back.



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