What is up next :)

After this finish yesterday…

 This beautiful wall hanging now proudly hangs in our foyer…

 If you look closely you will see we fashioned some yard sticks into a hanging rod.. it took 3 to make it but it works great and looks fun too!  The wall hanging is about 40 x 60″ wide so 1 yardstick was way too short 🙂

So what is up next???

Hand quilting a Singer Featherweight Banner for my honey!  Here it is as a flimsy hanging on the wall…

I decided to “bag” this quilt instead of binding it traditionally as it will only be washed infrequently… it measures 15 1/2 x 25 1/2″ once bagged…

The pic above shows the hanging loops I made and attached during the bagging process… it went quickly and I think the corners came out nice and crisp too!

Before bagging it I marked it and ironed the 100% Hobbs Tuscany wool batting flat to aid in the stitching of it…

Bagging simply refers to layering and sewing a quilt together leaving a small turning spot on a straight area.. in my case I chose the center bottom to leave about a 3″ or 4″ opening… all else got a 1/4″ seam sewn around… I turned it through the hole so all right sides were out and hand stitched the opening closed after ironing in place for a nice unnoticeable closure.

Hope that made sense as I didn’t take pics of this process.. it was my first time to try it for quilted items so I was quite excited! lol

Here it is this morning… now in my hoop 🙂

And this means more black on black stitching for the center…

I will be back stitching all around the center medallion and quilting the radiating lines going outward from the center medallion 🙂

Also you can see the chain on the edges of my hoop where I marked lightly with graphite (pencil works just as nice as well) … it is a chain pattern I will big stitch with BLACK Perle 12 cotton thread 🙂

Linking this quilty post to Linky Tuesday by Connie at Freemotion on the River HERE!

So I am gonna get stitching.. and I hope you have something crafty planned for this week as well!  Would love to hear what YOU are up to!


5 thoughts on “What is up next :)

  1. Kathy ... aka Nana

    Wow, you'd never know by looking at it that you \”bagged\” that wall hanging … your corners are perfectly square. Well done. And your quilting design choices look like they'll be perfect for this wall hanging.


  2. Little Penpen

    Your new wall hanging is gorgeous and looks very pretty in the foyer. I like the yardstick idea, too. I have a small collection of yardsticks that I plan to hang mini's on one day….lol. (it'll prob. never happen)



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