Happy February :)

Well February is coming in a bit cool and quite windy here on Florida’s east coast….

I have a wonderful drawing my daughter did over the weekend I wanted to share with you…

The actual art is made with little dots of ink with an uber fine tipped pen… then a touch of color can be added in the same way… I just love this.. it measures about 5 x 7 maybe a bit larger and is a project she did for her French class 🙂

Also I have completely left sewing out here…

For sewing in my new Sewing Room!

I do all my hand quilting outside still though.. that won’t change I doubt as I love being outside in Florida most all year long!

I was very happy with my valance finish last month… so I decided to start early this month and have a finish myself!!!

This silly wall hanging started early in October 2014 with a pile of vintage fabrics I had collected through an eBay adventure (I bought a estate sale bundle of 1980’s cottons… great stash builder )….. and some vintage white cotton and bought that great vintage machine fabric to encircle it all …

My honey made the templates the pattern called for out of this wood and they rotary cut excellently!

Well this was started to let me rest my hands during a long process so the need to hand quilt again was strong and after a few “stars” were made I set it aside to quilt more on the project with a deadline…

Finally I have a finish though… and although it is February 2 and Punxsutawny Phil saw his shadow… so the forecast (if you buy into that) is more cool weather! 

Here are a few more shots of the wall hanging in place…

And the stencils I used to get all the cool designs on this wall hanging…

It has been a fun journey but one I was definitely ready to finish up!!

 I added my label and dated it with a Pigma pen… I used 100% wool Hobbs Tuscany batting and love the texture it leaves behind with all the quilting I did on this piece…

So here it is now at a bit of a distance…

Hope whatever you have plan for February comes true!


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