Weekend Catch Up :)

It has been a very busy week here at Casa Del Loro… I successfully machine quilted the middle of the Sunny Side Up Charmer valance that I introduced HERE!  WHOOP!!!!

Didn’t take a pic of the machine quilting parts… I just wanted it done! lol  But I am now finishing the busier top and bottom portions by hand.  Here is my design up close on the bottom…

And here is a wider shot once I got the bottom finished and laid it out a bit…

I am NOT using a hoop for this as it is the border and this is how I am used to stitching as well 🙂  I am watching my tension and feeling for any wrinkles on the back side and pinning very well before quilting it 🙂  All came out good here ..

QUESTION… I plan to bind this along the outer quilting line in a zig zig… would you use bias or straight cut binding for this type of application?

I machine sew my binding to the front then hand sew to the back.. I have an upcoming quilt with this type of zig zig pattern on the sides.. my Batik Hollyhock Garden quilt.. so I thought this would be a good place to learn the best technique 🙂

Here is a view of the top border…

And a close up of the date I added to the blank spot on the left far end…

I will put my initials in the far right side… these shouldn’t really be seen… I thought this was a good place to put the date and my initials 🙂  Do you ever put a date on your quilted items?

This week we also did a bit of thrifting at our local thrift shops…
My honey found this cool cup that now hold screwdrivers on his desk…

It has his name engraved on one side of it!  Funny to find your own name on a cool looking item… we had to get it! lol  It is pewter with a glass bottom in it.  But it holds his tools perfect and is heavy with a wide base so it won’t tip over 🙂

Then I found this frame…

I didn’t get a pic before this… but here is the frame with my beloved QUILT sign inside it… You see my honey made me the quilt sign in his wood shop about 2 years ago & it found a home adorning the top of my design wall … now that we are inside in the new sewing room it had not found a cool new home yet… so here it is mounted inside the frame I found thifting!  The frame is made of some kind of oak and is very old and handmade… we paid $16 for the frame… and just over $2 for the cool cup… That was a score!

Here is the idea we are trying on the frame now…

The black fabric is from my stash… and will be used on a wall hanging that will be near this frame once finished…  The scissors were a thrift shop find too… a while back and they also never had found a home…

I am thinking of digging around in my antique buttons and thread collection to add to it… what do you think?  Like it as is or would you embellish a bit more???

I have also begun to watch… intermittently as she has lots of MEAT to offer… Jinny Beyer’s 2015 BOM on Craftsy.. it is a FREE class with one on one time with Jinny!  I am loving it… but I already enjoy the Craftsy platform for learning… Just look at the New Classes in Quilting… or search their  site for classes taught by “Jinny Beyer” 🙂

It is like getting a mini of her Color Theory class right in your own space!  LOVING IT!

Don’t think I have forgotten and occasionally grab my hoop though… I am still making progress on the Wish Upon a Vintage Star wall hanging as well…

I have rounded the bottom left corner and am heading up the left side now!  Yippee 🙂  I am loving the texture this design creates too… that is accentuated with the wool batting I used in this project.  Yet to get you a good pic of the texture here as it is black fabric and black thread… makes for a tough combo… but stay tuned.. I will keep trying! lol

Well I am linking this Catch Up post to Sarah’s Whoop it up Friday blog party HERE
I am also linnking this hand quilting heavy post to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching HERE

Until next time…


12 thoughts on “Weekend Catch Up :)

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    I always put the year the quilt is made on the label so what you are doing is a good idea I think. For the binding on the zigzag I don't have an answer – I haven't done one on a zigzag but when I finish my Kansas Twister quilt two sides will have this so I will be interested to hear what people say as the only fabric I have left that I intended to use for the binding is scraps and fat quarter pieces too little to make bias binding with. Neat that the cup had your honey's name on it – it was meant for him then wasn't it!


  2. CathieJ

    I really love the quilt sign in the frame as it is. It could maybe use a needle, thread and thimble, but to tell the truth I love how graphic it is with just the scissors on the black background. I wish I could help you with the binding on your zig-zag. My gut tells me you will need to use bias binding, but I have always worked with straight grain binding.


  3. Quilter Kathy

    Black thread on black fabric is so challenging to work with!Great frame you found… I might add a few wooden buttons near the scissors.A great idea to stitch the year into the quilt… I hope I remember that tip!I would use a bias binding for the zigzag edge… it will just be a bit easier to make the turns I think.


  4. Karen in Breezy Point

    I've bound a zigzag edge and as long as everything is straight, you can easily get away with straight of the grain binding. There is a You Tube video by Sharon Schamber that suggests making little darts at the inside points so you have pretty turns. Also, clip into those deep points, so when you machine sew on the binding, you can straighten the top rather than pivoting–you may need to do an online search to see how that's done!



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