Sunny Side Up Charmer .. a Valance Story :)

In my post this past Friday I was giddy about a package possibly coming… some FABRIC!!!  I don’t buy much fabric new so I was really excited and the package had all I needed for a project! 🙂  Well Sunday I shared with you this picture…

Inside the mailer was a plastic enclosed “gift” wrapped with white tulle (project for the future so I stashed it away! lol) with her business card… I got this great fabric “gift” from Old South Fabrics and online quilt shop I LOVE … they carry mainly Moda but have very competitive prices, yardage availability, and nice online shop and great customer service 🙂  Wanda is the owner and is a gem!

Okay enough of a commercial… here is what was inside…

 And so you can see the full palette of these 42 charms (yes I needed all of them!)…

As my pattern calls for 14 blocks across for 3 rows to make enough of the pattern show up.

MY pattern was totally inspired by this blog tutorial for the Entwined Table Runner and hers looked like this…

My pattern will be a window valance and I have adorned it with Sunny Side Up Charmer as a name 🙂

Here is my rough sketch on a notepad paper that reminded me of the shape when sideways so became my early morning sketch pad! lol

There are 14 rows across and 3 down on the patchwork middle section of this valance.  Here is that patchwork section in it’s final placement on my design wall…

How did I get it to this point though??? I followed the basics of her tutorial and adapted it to MY design 🙂  I also wrote her to tell her how much I loved it using her blog but have not heard back from her yet.  So onward I go 🙂

I “webbed” my valance top by first sewing vertical columns together.. then sewing the horizontals rows last after ironing my seams opposingly for nesting 🙂

I then added the top and bottom after measuring my horizontal middle for length and pinning in place so it doesn’t have any waves in it 🙂

And here it is above.. as an unmarked flimsy!  🙂  Yippee!

So no to figure out how I want to quilt it… I opened the Paint program on my computer… imported this pic and this is what I came up with for the middle….

The bottom edge will have a zig zag cut into it if you look back at my pattern so I have marked that as well with pencil to know it was a cut line and used a blue water removable marker for all the straight lines…

This Valance is 22 x 64 currently as a flimsy and should shrink to 20 x 62 as I have pieced some Pellon cotton batting I had left over from previous quilts and am using that…

Can you see my whip stitched seam on the batting above?  I ironed it nice and flat once I was finished whip stitching these batting pieces into one 🙂

Next up will be layering and machine quilting and hand quilting it.  It will go in this window in my sewing room when done…

Yes, I share my sewing room with my honey and his Featherweight business… I chose the corner with my design wall … he was happy with the window side.

We also have a plantation blind coming for that window so we shall have a relaxing environment soon in there!  It is already great to me but the reflection from the window drives my honey batty! lol

So I am off to start layering and machine quilting… and in my break times I will be hand quilting the outer border of my wall hanging…

So that is what I am up to… what is up in your world?  Would love to hear what you are up to as well in this new year!!!

LInking this WIP to Kelly for Needle and Thread Thursday 🙂  Come on over and see what other quilty things are being linked!

Until next time…


5 thoughts on “Sunny Side Up Charmer .. a Valance Story :)

  1. Deb A

    Ohhhh that came out great! See – I told you you could do it! Time for a walk (chilly in the 40's but I must get my steps in!) and then I really need to work on my Tiny Tuesday block. I'll take pictures and post later this afternoon when it is done. Have a good day Kathi.


  2. Kathy ... aka Nana

    That window is going to look FABULOUS when finished … a plantation shutter and that adorable valance = perfection! You mentioned pinning so you don't get waves. It sounds like you have some of the same problems I do when stitching … I have to pin everything too. I see so many tutorials where stitchers just lay their pieces together (as in strip piecing), but when I do that, I end up with a mess. I'm guessing there's a problem with my feed dogs?? I'm kinda clueless when it comes to my sewing machine. My machine is due for serving (after I finish T#3's quilt which I hope to start next week), and I guess I ought to mention that when I take it in? Unless that's normal?



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