Enjoying January!

I heard recently somewhere that what you spend January 1 doing will set the pace for your year…

Well I spent it slow stitching and LOVING IT!

Have you ever marked with a stencil on your border and had to figure where the pattern meets in the center?  Usually I can make it happen… and I did chose this stencil knowing that could be problematic…

But I think my side join brings out the wave in the pattern… do you see the join spot to the right in the picture above??

And in this picture you can see the way I joined the bottom border and I will do the same when I get to the top border…

See that single “wave” right in the center of the picture above?  I am not looking at the wall hanging as a whole yet… I know I will love it though and I don’t think these joins will be noticeable as I did them 🙂

I also took my dd shopping for new shoes… tennies for walking!  She wound up with some RED Michael Jordan basketball tennies that she loves 🙂  Hope that doesn’t mean lots of shopping in this year as shopping has never been high on my to do list! ha 🙂

I didn’t go into my new sewing room though yesterday… I have been working on my hexi stars that are the beginnings of stars that will come together to make a quilt for the living room…

I have done more hexi flowers than show on the board in this shot… but I have now organized them off the board because today I SHOULD BE getting some new fabrics to make a quilted valance for this room!!!  I am soooo excited about this little project.. it should go fairly fast and look uber cute!

Here is the rough sketch I did this morning in preparation for the fabric coming… I will link a tutorial I found showing the basics.. I am changing mine quite a bit from the table runner they show… but it is a great tutorial… so will share that during the reveal!  Hopefully that will be soon too!

Finally, I want to share something VERY special my daughter did for me as a late Christmas present…

 She made this puzzle for me… well her and several of her friends came at different times to help but the puzzle got finished AND is now glued together… I will have her document all that worked on it but it is sooo amazing in person.

It is 19 x 30 in size and was 1000 pieces… Take a look at the little details she had to put together….

 There are butterflies and hummingbirds in there… So cool!

Well … that is what is going on around here for the new year!

Since I am so excited about the intro of my valance and the imminent arrival of the fabric for that project… I am linking up with Sarah and Whooping it up there 🙂  Come on over and see what everyone else is whooping about too!

Until next time…


3 thoughts on “Enjoying January!

  1. Kathy ... aka Nana

    I think you did a fabulous job with your border join. I'm always intimidated by the prospect of trying to fudge the join of a border stencil in such a way that it's not blatantly obvious. Plus I'm generally a mark-as-I-go quilter, which adds to the intimidation factor. I need to do more so I can become more confident with marking my border stencils.



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