Merry Christmas 2014 & the Byrum Family Quilt ~ A Finish! Tah Dah :)

I am writing this blog post just after completing the Byrum Family Quilt.  This project is a queen sized (91″ square) scrappy quilt with a panel center I fell in love with for this family quilt. 

The rest of the quilt was fabrics I had purchased with them in mind and a bit of stash to fill it in a bit 🙂

Here is my bestie Connie holding up some artwork my other bestie Wendy sent me… she made it several years ago and had no purpose for it… as I shared this quilt coming into life with her she agreed to help me… from Australia where she lives…

via facebook chat and pics only.. to help me learn more precise piecing techniques!!!!  Amazing woman that she is she DID IT!!!!

I learned so much about piecing accurately… this is my 13th quilted project and I just finally got the need for PRECISE PIECING!!!!  Hallelujah 🙂  I now have measuring my units that then become blocks accurately… so all the pieces of the quilt come together without fussing.

I am so happy that this quilt… started the beginning of July 2014 and finished complete on December 2, 2014 is a finished project and was mailed on the 3rd of December 🙂  It is under the Christmas tree as you are enjoying this post OR maybe it is being snuggled by now!!! I hope so 🙂

I did send them a letter explaining the quilt… it was pic heavy but small pics and it took 8 pages to explain it all to them to help them understand the meaning and love I put in each piece of fabric I chose for their quilt.

Have you had a monumental project you gifted away that made you happy when you gifted it… well I am sooo happy this has been gifted… I hope to get a pic of the family enjoying the quilt and will share with you when and if I get such a shot!  That would mean more to me than a note of thanks actually!

Hope you have a Happy Christmas Day!

Added Christmas Morning at 8:30 CST…

My nieces & nephew and his dog 🙂

 With a note of thanks and that they LOVE IT!

Hope your Christmas was meaningful and filled with loving thoughts too!

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