Finally down to the bottom :)

I have been quickly slow stitching since my last post on the Byrum Family Quilt… I am now on the bottom of the quilt working on this block…

I was just getting started on this block when I snapped this shot.  My friend Wendy embroidered this piece in 2004 and mailed it to me to go into this quilt… it now holds the bottom center place of honour!

So the top border and sides are all done… just have 3 B’s left on this quilt and the clock is ticking for the finish too!  I have:

Bottom stitching ~ Started now 🙂
Border stitching ~ Have a quick n easy idea there!
Binding ~ Have the fabric 😉

So if I am not too chatty coming up please stick with me… just trying to make headway on this quilt… the deadline is Thanksgiving weekend to have it done, washed, and photographed 🙂

My honey is pondering ideas for great photos of this queen sized wonder!

Speaking of photos… Last Sunday we posted this pic on a few facebook groups…

These machines in their cases are now all sold!  Yippee 🙂

Now my honey is working on painting one RED!  It is gonna be AWESOME!

Don’t forget my upcoming Linky Party!  There is a special giveaway for Black Friday linkers!!!

I am linking my quilty progress to Kathy’s Slow Sunday Stitching HERE!  Check out her blog post while too as she makes important points about focusing on your slow stitching amidst the chaos of life 🙂

Until I post again… Happy Stitching &…


9 thoughts on “Finally down to the bottom :)

  1. Jill

    Like that phrase, 'quickly slow stitching.' Lol. You are right on track for your turkey day goal. Just remember to take care of those quilting fingers. Congrats on selling the FWs. Mine was sold this week locally to a very nice quilter.



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