Setting a Weekend Goal :)

I am really pushing to get the Byrum Family Quilt to the outer border stage… I have the middle all done as well as the sides and am now working on the top and bottom… recently I finished this cute School House Block…

There are still marking lines on the scallops but I will remove those with a water bottle 😉  Just wanted to share a dry block with you all first! lol

I also like the heart I added over the doorway.  This was a challenging block to piece and it has been a joy to quilt!  So happy I could just Whoop over that!!!  I am linking this happy post to Sarah  at Confessions of a Fabric Addict Whoop Whoop Friday LINKY PARTY!

I also managed to get those flying geese quilted though though most of it won’t show till washed 🙂

So I am setting a weekend goal for quilting…

To finish this section of the top left that measures 12″ x 18″ …

These are Jacobs Ladder blocks but when put together I think they look like the Christian fish symbol… and as wholesome as this quilt it I hope my plan for quilting this block set as a whole will make it really accentuate that!

You can see the whole quilt here…

This pic was during pinning… so imagine about 60% of this is quilted now… I am on the final thrust of quilting until I am to the outer border!  That is definitely Whoopable!!!! lol

My honey FINALLY got this gorgeous machine put up for sale on eBay!  Whoop Whoop!

We are hoping it will make someone’s Christmas very special!

So that is our weekend… what are you planning for the weekend??


3 thoughts on “Setting a Weekend Goal :)

  1. Daytona Damsel

    Oh the roof on the schoolhouse turned out great, just what it needed. I ended up ripping out the log cabin QAG block to repair the missed seam. It just kept nagging me. I pray I have enough fabric strips to make four blocks. I know you will accomplish your weekend goal. Have a great weekend.



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