Heavenly Days… I did it!

I reached a HUGE accomplishment… I am now over 50% done with the Byrum Family Quilt!!!

I tried to capture a little texture here… but I thought you might also want a perspective shot…

Red Outline shows where I have quilted too so far 🙂

So I figure with this much done I am over 50% done with the quilting on this beautiful day in October… on the down hill slide now.

While I had fun with my photo shoot on this BIG! quilt… I also pondered binding… I am going for a rich brown with black swirlies on it that is perfect for a nice binding to this quilt… will add another rich layer and a place to rest your eyes as this is a busy quilt! lol

Here is a close up once I finished some bits on the very center panel…

Not sure if you can see but I came back and added some texture to the grass below the tree and outlined the big hearts in the tree top 🙂  I think it adds more texture to those areas that was needed and will also not hurt it from holding up longer with a bit more stitching there…

I am quilting this quilt very utilitarian as I want it to have a long life of family snuggles, up n downs, tears and laughs and illnesses… I want this quilt to be ready for the long life it has ahead 🙂

Do you think about durability of your quilt as you choose your quilting design?  This is only something I have recently pondered more than earlier in my quilting career.

Check out this cute fabric that makes the cornerstones of the middle border… 

Can you see my quilting design.. I traced a template shape there in the diamond and added the loops with my chalk!  I had fun adding the loops 🙂

Well hope you enjoyed seeing what has been keeping me from being more bloggy.

Things are better overall but I still would like to remain on your prayer list.  I do appreciate it friends.

Now I am off to cut out some stars to sew on Gloria!

Happy Hump Day!


3 thoughts on “Heavenly Days… I did it!

  1. Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things

    You are making great progress! I hope to get back to my stitching soon as my out of town part of vacation is over. Although my husband will be home till Monday, so not much me time planned, but at least I can get those chores that can't wait until Monday done!


  2. Kathy ... aka Nana

    Fantastic progress! You're really coming right along. I think getting good photographs of our stitching is the bane of quilters. I wish I knew how to get my stitching to show up better … and my colors to come out accurately, too. I'm curious … how did you get the red outlining on your photograph?


  3. Daytona Damsel

    Doing my happy dance for you. I could see your grass texture in the picture. I think the added stitching to the middle makes the center block pop out more. Happy to hear things are improving on the home front. You are always in my prayers my friend.



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