Warming back up today & Big Stitching!

Our weather was unseasonably cool the last few days… I cooked a pot of chili Sunday for the house to enjoy and I got to too! Yummy 🙂  I have a strange family passed down SECRET recipe that includes coffee, peanut butter, and spagetti! lol  Next time I will have to take a shot of it for ya 🙂

Meanwhile, I have been dealing with a lot of roller coasters in my life in several different areas all at once… so hand quilting has been my solace!

I saw this quote on facebook that didn’t link to anything so I thought I would share it here with you…

Wow!  Hoping there is a huge blessing in my future! lol

So for more fun in this post thought I would share my retail therapy I tried yesterday to balance everything else out a bit!


I got the needle pullers at my local JoAnn’s yesterday as a luxury item but now realize they were a necessity I didn’t know I needed! lol

Have you ever had a quilting tool like that?  Bought because it looked fun then when used you found it rocked!!! LOL 🙂  So I have a little blessing just by spending $6!

So I had 20 “swirly blocks” to do… I did the first 10 and my fingers were bruised to the bone from pulling the needle so much.. now this 10 seem to be flying by with the occasional aid of the needle puller when I hit underneath seams from the pieced backing…. and a few days off of doing that for my fingertips to heal up 😉

Here are the needle package I have …got them at JoAnn’s with sewing notions (I didn’t see this brand with the quilting notions) I think…

And here is a swirly block marked with pounce chalk…

Pounce chalk is great or marking… and as you can see in my top pic it is almost all gone when you are done stitching as it just lays on top of the fabric.  Here I am using pink Pounce chalk… but you swipe it on with a bit of elbow grease … do not pat it or “pounce” as you will have a fog of powder 🙂

So here is to reaching a goal of finishing the center part of this quilt I am determined to finish on time. 

Please keep me and my household in your prayers during this week.  Your prayers are surely appreciated 🙂


4 thoughts on “Warming back up today & Big Stitching!

  1. Karen - Quilts...etc.

    I have seen various needle pullers but not one like that! it reminds me of when I used a florist tool that I had for dried flowers arrangement – needle nose pliers! hope all will settle in your life soon for you – quilting is always a stress reducer!


  2. Deb A

    Hope things settle down and everything turns out ok in your household. Chili sounds good – Ohio tends to put spaghetti and some other things in their chili but I have not heard of the peanut butter in there before!Great stitches and I love that cute pattern.


  3. Daytona Damsel

    Praying things get better for you. You know you can call anytime if you need to talk. I had not heard of peanut butter in chili. I do put chili over spaghetti or macaroni when I eat it though. I am going to get that ponce marking system because the pen doesn't show up on a lot of material and my marking pencils dull fast and break often. You will finish on time, i'm sure.


  4. Jill

    The big stitch swirly blocks are coming along nicely. The needle pullers remind me of a surgical instrument! It is good to keep our hands busy during difficult times. I shall say a prayer.



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