Happy October :)

Fall is in the air here on Florida’s East Coast 🙂

Here is a pic I posted to facebook today!

I have been busily stitching on the Byrum Family Quilt… I am still loving this project.. and the other day my brother had a minute and called and we chatted.. they are excited to get this quilt and I am just happy to reach the actual 50% mark on this quilt… which should happen in the next week or so…

Until I reach the 50% mark on this quilting artistry I will not take any machine piecing breaks on the stars.. but I still think I will finish those cute stars before the next LINKY PARTY!!

 Check out my sidebar for dates on the next party…

My sewing time has been stupendous lately as I am motivated and have been listening to tunes a lot! lol

I did try to watch a Netflix movie but it was terrible… I was never good at picking movies anyway… I just happen upon the one’s I like usually! lol  Do you have a Netflix suggestion for me??

Thanks for any ideas you have… and if you live in the Northern Hemisphere….  Happy Fall Ya’ll!


3 thoughts on “Happy October :)

  1. Jill

    Pumpkins and seashells are definitely a Florida thing. A Coastal look for sure. Have you watched the Downton series yet? Think it is on Netflix


  2. Kathy ... aka Nana

    Only in Florida … pumpkins and sea shells! 😉 Good for you to keep on keepin' on with your BFQ. I want to take a break to go work on piecing together the 2.5\” square twosies that are suppose to be my leaders and enders project. But since I just started the hand quilting of T#1's spiral log cabin, I too have to keep my nose to the hand quilting grindstone (not a problem, actually, as I just love hand quilting!).



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