Sew Excited!!!

Just 2 more days before I can take a look in black and white at my progress this month!!!

Hope you ready to List your goals… reviewing your previous months goals if you have been playing along… link up with me and Party !!!!  Yep, LINKY LOOT is on the loose this weekend!!! lol

What do you post about?  anything you recently accomplished in your crafty life with pics is awesome… and projects you are planning to tackle over the next month or it may be progress on an existing project… so enlighten us.. it is a great time to get new readers for your blogs and show off your artistry in any craft at all!  So come on and join in 🙂

I know this may seem hokey to you but since I started keeping a monthly list instead of brow beating myself over unmet goals on a weekly list things have gotten so much more exciting and I get more done!  A friend recently posted this graph on facebook and I want to share my take on it…

I feel like a month looks like the graph on the left  but my actual daily life looks just like the one on the right!  So I may not get all I want to get accomplished… but over time I rock it!!! lol

Speaking of progress… I am ahead of my expectations on the Byrum Family Quilt.  I am also making stars now that I have Gloria back in a cabinet no less so a nice flat surface to sew on… I am so in love too!

I just love to share pics with you… please if you link up take time to include some pics of your work… we all love the eye candy and it makes posting more fun!

See ya this weekend!  Great LINKY LOOT is available!!!


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