It is a Fabulous Friday ya’ll!

Hope you are having a Fabulous Friday too!

I have made great progress on the BFQ (Byrum Family Quilt) and am now to the middle border on it.. the mosaic section is in the books as finished! 

Yep, all that section inside the red arrows is now finished… I have to go back and fill in the teal blue squares but my filler for them is in the mail… it is a stencil I got with different filler designs I liked for this quilt…

 The entire quilt is much larger than that pic… here is a pic of the whole quilt for reference…

So once I finish the Middle Border here I will be 50% complete with the quilting on this awesome quilt 🙂  Whoop!!!

Also I had another great thing happen this week… my Gloria (a 1956 301A) got a new dress to wear!

 This is a 301 cabinet made in the 1950’s called a “Singer # 74 cabinet”.  Originally I think they came blonde like this one on the right or darker like the mahogany we used to refinish her with 🙂  The machine here in this pic was not a good machine so we passed on that but found a great deal in the cabinet even if they HAD lost the legs! lol  So on a leg hunt we went!

 And here is my Gloria in her new cabinet … the bronze in the stain matches her bronze tension dial and bronze link around her badge.. I just adore her even more in her new home 🙂  And because we are savvy and thrifty shoppers we only have about $100 invested in the cabinet!  Whoop 🙂

She will be cured and ready for sewing THIS WEEKEND!! YIPPEE 🙂

So yes… I am having a Fabulous Friday… and it is just 1 week until it is time for my own linky party!!!

So gets your goals set, blog about them and link them up here next weekend!!!

Linky Loot is fun to win but just making goals makes you a WINNER!  So make your own “laundry list” of goals and join us here next weekend… all weekend long! lol

For now I am linking this Fabulous Friday post and all my whooping to Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict Whoop Whoop!  Here 🙂


5 thoughts on “It is a Fabulous Friday ya’ll!

  1. Kymberly

    Wow! I love how Gloria's cabinet turned out. I've been trying to figure out how to refinish Rita's cabinet. I might have to consider a stain like this instead of painting it. (All the paint colors I like clash horribly with Rita whose colors are very similar to Gloria.)



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