Connie’s Finish.. a Sweet Mini!

I got several comments about my friend Connie’s baby quilt she is making.  So I thought I would share her FINISH!!!

Connie had planned to make a regular sized baby quilt to gift when the baby was due.. but since the arrival was early… she made it preemie sized.. I call this one Sweet Mini!

Measuring in at 18 inches square… this cute quilt came together in a short time including the hand made lace edging that is so prominent in that first photo!  That lace proved a bit tricky to get tacked in place but Connie figured out a good way to do it and a Finish she now Has!!!

The “quilts” sign was a surprise from me to her last year and it was fun when she finished it and sent this shot that she posed it below her fave sign! lol  This was a special order I got someone to make for me on Etsy… That seller is no longer in business… sorry!!!

Check out a close up of the detail she added to the center of this little bundle of joy 🙂

And another great detail shot after a good washing was finished….

So without further ado this cute little quilt…

Will fold up even smaller for gifting…
 Isn’t that AWESOME?!!! 🙂

I have really enjoyed following this project by my bestie!  She is a magnificent stitcher and thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this quilt…

And the dresden plate… it is 2 or 3 dresdens unsewn and resewn to make one flat one.  The green fabric is some of her fave from her stash… the dresdens were in her stash… the handquilting items were all in her stash as was the yarn and crochet hook for the lace edging… so she has a great gift that may be a snugglie to this child in future years… but will keep them warm and protected when held now as there are no seams on the back… remember it is only 18″ square! lol

So now you have met.. and shared some of the trials that brought this Sweet Mini to life… tell me what you think!  I love comments & Connie does too!  She doesn’t blog but loves following mine… and few other luckies 🙂

Have a blessed Saturday!


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